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Investment Map Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

Antioquia - Medellin: Colombia’s industrial capital

  • Average Temperature: 24 ° C
  • Population Department 2018: 6,691,030 inhabitants
  • Population of Metropolitan Area 2018: 3,909,729 inhabitants
  • Population of the Capital 2018: 2,529,403 inhabitants
  • GDP Department 2017: USD 46.3 million
  • GDP per capita Department 2017: USD 6,933
  • Department Area: 63,612 Km 2
  • Area of the Capital: 381 km 2

Reasons To Invest

  • AN IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT HUB IN THE COUNTRY: In 2017, Antioquia's GDP represented 15% of the National GDP. The region has the largest external market in the country, the second domestic market at the national level and it is the Department with the largest share in non-traditional exports of Colombia.
  • STRATEGIC GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Antioquia is located in the Andean region of the country at an intermediate distance from the main urban centers of Colombia.It has access to the Atlantic Ocean and is close to the Pacific Ocean.
  • HIGH ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE: Medellín represents about 8% of the National GDP.Six out of the ten companies with highest value on Colombia's Stock Exchange are headquartered in the city and their market value represents more than 30% of the country's stock market.
  • EXTENSIVE ACADEMIC OFFER AND QUALIFIED HUMAN TALENT: Antioquia has 41 higher education institutions that contribute with nearly 14% of the total number of graduates in the country.In the QS World University Rankings (2018), four universities in the city (National University, University of Antioquia, EAFIT, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana) are among the 100 best universities in Latin America.
  • ACCESS TO COMPETITIVE INFRASTRUCTURE: Medellín is the city with the greatest developments in terms of public transport in Colombian thanks to its integrated, efficient and sustainable transport system. It consists of Metro, Metroplús (BTR), Metrocable (Cable cars), Tram and Public Bicycles.The city has 2 airports, 2 ports under construction and 3 free zones.
  • THE MOST AMBITIOUS INNOVATION STRATEGY IN COLOMBIA: Medellín is the only city in the country with a Public Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation and with an Innovation District.This project was advised by the MIT and Accenture and it has attracted more than 230 companies with knowledge-intensive activities from 31 different countries generating more than 5,900 jobs.

Potential Sectors

  • 4.0 Industries:
    • Development of IT services based on: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of things and applications design.
    • Services Outsourcing.
  • Agribusiness:
    • Production of citrus fruits, cocoa, coffee, avocado and banana.
  • Life sciences:
    • Advanced health services.
    • Manufacture of medical devices.
    • Development of pharmaceutical products.
  • Hotel and real estate infrastructure:
    • Luxury hotels.
    • Real estate developments for the economic districts of the city.
  • Creative industries:
    • Audiovisual production.
    • Video Games Development
    • Digital Content Development
  • Aerospace:
    • Aircraft check-up, maintenance and repair centers.
    • Manufacture of aircraft spare parts, instruments and components.
    • Innovation centers.
  • Metalworking:
    • Manufacture of auto parts, motorcycle parts and appliances.


Success Stories

  • Stanley Black & Decker: Investment Year-2017. American metalworking company settled a shared accounting and financial operation service center in Medellín to support the operations of its subsidiaries in Latin America, the United States and Canada.
  • Globant: Investment Year-2013: Argentine technology company established its software development center in Medellín as an export platform for services to North America.
  • Holcrest: Investment Year-2013 The Lafargeholcim group, headquartered in Switzerland, installed a shared-service center for accounting, financial, human resources and technology operations in Medellín to serve its subsidiaries in Latin and North America.
  • Atton: Investment Year-2018: Atton El Tesoro Medellín Hotel is located inside El Tesoro Commercial Park. It contributes to the development of the hotel offer of Medellín in the exclusive El Poblado neighborhood. The Chilean hotel chain was acquired by Accor in 2018 and its project in the city has 21 floors and 238 rooms.
  • Marriott: Investment Year-2017: The most recent bet of the Marriott chain in Medellín was carried out in El Poblado, through its strategic ally the Poma Group. The hotel project comprises a 12-story tower with 155 rooms.
  • Casino Group: Investment Year-2017: The French Group owner of Éxito Group is currently completing works on its most ambitious project in the country: the construction of the Viva Envigado mall .This complex will be inaugurated in the last quarter of 2018 and will become the largest business and commercial establishment in the country with 260,000 m2 built (140,000 m2 of commercial area).
  • WeWork: Investment Year-2018. The American shared-work spaces company entered Medellín with its headquarters in Carrera 42. Hand in hand with ACI Medellín and Ruta N, they started an important commitment to attract new companies by leveraging the innovation ecosystem of the city.
  • Renault Sofasa: Investment Year-2018: The French company has continued to strengthen its presence in the region through the recent investment in its shared-services center.

Rionegro Free Zone

Located in Rionegro, department of Antioquia, at 30 kilometers away from Medellin.It is located next to the José María Córdova International Airport and is connected with Medellin through five (5) different routes.
More than 100 companies have installed in this 45-hectare industrial park, generating around 3000 jobs .It has the adequate infrastructure and utility services for any economic sector and for other required customs services, such as the permanent presence of the DIAN, logistical facilities, customs agencies, banking facilities, restaurants, transportation and a center for human talent training, SENA .
Its privileged location in one of the regions of Antioquia with the highest growth rates, allows the investors to find qualified and operational human talent suitable for the development of any project. It has easy access to excellent optical fiber and / or satellite telecommunications services and data transmission providers.
The free zone of Rionegro has more than 25 years of experience offering a comprehensive service, quality and expert accompaniment starting from the conceptualization of the project.

  • Modern industrial park developed and consolidated, with extensive and pleasant green areas. Located in the municipality of Rionegro, Antioquia, on the east side of the runway of the international airport Jose Maria Cordova and at 30 km from the city of Medellín.
  • In one of the fastest growing areas of the region. It has skilled labor in the industry, excellent security, a beautiful landscape, hotel services, hospital services and educational institutes of high level.
  • It is connected to the city of Medellín and its metropolitan area through four different routes, which will be complemented with the east tunnel, which is already under construction.
  • The park has excellent public services and has its own water treatment systems and wastewater treatment registered and monitored by the Super-servicios and CRA.
  • The park has an energy block purchasing mechanism at a 44kV level, so that the user can access to a more affordable energy.
  • With the presence of excellent providers of telecommunications services and data transmission through optical fiber and / or satellite.
  • Building infrastructure with excellent features and variable areas starting from 240 m2.
  • Availability of banking and logistics services, presence of SENA (technical training) and restaurants.

Carlos Mesa
+57 (4) 561 2233 ext 101
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Sara Valderrama Zapata
Administrative and Commercial director
+57 (4) 561 2233 ext: 107 - 137
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International Free Zone Aburrá Valley SAS UOZF - ZOFIVA

A modern industrial park with an area of 207,000 m2 located in the municipality of Caldas, south of the Aburrá Valley.At 17 km from Medellín, it is positioned as the logistics platform par excellence in the Metropolitan Area. Its strategic location is its most important feature, the " Ye de Primavera" (a road turn off near Caldas), which allows it access to the 4 Generation highways:

  • Pacífico 1: Ancón - Primavera - Bolombolo.
  • Pacífico 2: Bolombolo - La Pintada - Primavera
  • Pacífico 3: La Pintada, Antioquia - Manizales, Caldas.
  • Mar 1: Medellín - Santa Fe de Antioquia: Bolombolo and / or Cañasgordas
  • Mar 2: Cañasgordas - Necoclí

In addition, it is near to the main ports of Colombia: 500 km from Buenaventura, 755 km from Barranquilla, 687 km from Cartagena, 399 km from Bogotá and 700 km from Cúcuta.

ZOFIVA has a wide offer of warehouses, lots, premises and offices for sale and / or lease, with areas from 400 m2 with the possibility of joining or expanding according to the needs of each project.

Juan Carlos Vélez Madrid
Comercial Manager
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+57 (4) 540 38 40 EXT 107
+57 301 423 75 51

Marly Viviana Galvis Angel
Commercial Area
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+57 315 524 88 07


Urabá´s Free Trade Zone

It is strategically located in the municipality of Apartadó, facilitating industrial operations and international trade by the Atlantic Ocean. This Free Zone offers:

  • Easy access to Urabá logistic platforms: Zungo, Puerto Antioquia and Darién International Port, as well as to Los Cedros de Apartadó Airport.
  • Proximity to alternate ports in the Colombian Atlantic: Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta, as well as to the Panama Canal and the port of Manzanillo also in Panama.
  • Connection to the main consumption centers in Colombia: Medellin at 310 km, Cali at 717 km and Bogota at 722 km by road. It is the shortest route to reach the Atlantic from the center and the interior of the country through 4 Generation highways: the Mar 1 and Mar 2 motorways (maritime departures to the Atlantic and Pacific). As well as the Toyo Tunnel (a macro-project seeking to connect the Cauca Valley, Eje Cafetero and Antioquia with the Atlantic Coast, East, West and the Caribbean Sea).
  • 26-hectares Industrial Park declared Free Zone and with an area reserved for future extensions.
  • Lots and warehouses for sale and rental ranging from 373 mt2, 500 mt2, 1,152 mt2, 2,304 mt2, 4,000 mt2 and higher areas adapted to the needs of each company.
  • Infrastructure of utility services such as drinking water, sewerage, electric power, natural gas and telecommunications.

Maria Isabel Sierra
Head of Free Zone
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+57 (4) 828 70 50 EXT 110

Juliana zuluaga Mazo
UEN Real Estate Manager
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+57 (4) 319 70 60 ext 204
+57 320 676 78 56 your social media marketing partner


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