Opportunities of Investment in Cali - Valle del Cauca for the Automotive sector

cauca turismo


Opportunities of assemble of Buses, Trucks and light Vehicles.


Opportunities in the manufacture of parts for the segments of the interior Trim of vehicles and electrical components.


  • Connectivity to the Asian market.
    • Puerto de Buenaventura: Principal port on the Pacific Ocean. (It moves more than 28 % of the trade of the country) Movement of Load 2010: 9.604.026 tons. 990 maritime frequencies.
    • TCBuen: Terminus of B/tura's containers, operating from 2010
  • Competitive regime of incentives
    • Duty-free zone: Palmaseca and Parque Sur.
  • Development of the human capital: Program of Managerial Development for the Competitiveness and Innovation in the sector of Autoparts: ACOLFA-SENA-EAN
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