Investment in Software and IT Services

Investment in Software and IT Services


The Colombian Software & IT is the fourth largest market in the region among with Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. According to IDC, The industry has doubled its sales over the past 7 years and, in 2017, reached USD 9.5 billion. Hardware (56,5%), IT Services (32,2%), Software (11,4%). Colombia offers a strong and growing internal demand, the sectors with the highest IT spending are: Manufacturing, Government, Financial Sector and Agricultural Sector.

  • Colombia offers quality human talent trained in several disciplines with an efficient cost, at the same time that offers scalable operations in six metropolitan areas with more than 1 million inhabitants. (DANE)
  • The country has the third best-trained labor force in South America. Colombia surpass countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and Peru. (IMD ranking for 2017)
  • Between 2001 and 2016, 2.121.474 students graduated from programs related to SSC and Software & IT operations such as: Management, law, accounting, economics and in areas such as informatics, electronics, mechanical and electric engineering. The graduates mainly come from Bogota, Antioquia and Valle del Cauca regions. (Ministry of Education)
  • The country has the lowest salaries for call center agents due to the Colombian peso depreciation in the recent years. At the same time, the spanish accent is the more neutral in the Latin America region. (Nearshore Americas 2017)
  • Colombia has the lowest operational cost for IT services. Comparing with Colombia, the operational cost are 30% - 60% higher in México, Costa Rica and Chile, and 5% - 10% higher in Peru. Colombia can offer lower compensation cost due to the low cost of living. (Everest)
  • High connectivity with 10 submarine cables, which provide faster data transmission, and connection stability. 98% of municipalities in Colombia are connected to the world with fiber optic.
  • Now there are 14.000 m2 of Data Center in Colombia, what results insufficient for the 48 million inhabitants in the country.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in Software and IT Services. We invite you to learn additional details about Colombia and why it is the perfect destination for your projects.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Establish BPO voice services specialized on telesales, billing and collection, customer service, and call centers.
  • Establish BPO non-voice services specialized in back office, outsource financial and accounting, human resources, share services center, logistics and help desk level 2° which offer solutions to financial, logistics, oil and other sector's needs.
  • Build outsourcing engineering centers, telemedicine, R&D, graphic design and business analytics, added value services required by different sectors in Colombia.
  • Share Service Centers for finances and accounting, IT, procurement, human resources and value added services. English and Spanish operations.
  • Install software factories taking advantage of the high quality and quantity of the engineers graduates.
  • Create an offshore platform to attend national and foreign markets.
  • Software support and remote infrastructure maintenance to different industries.
  • Set up datacenter operation.
  • Communications Satellite (satellite high orbit):
    • Public Private Partnership to establish satellites
    • Install a satellite control center
    • Set up antennas in the Colombian territory to support schools and health centers in remote zones.


  • Antioquia
  • Atlántico
  • Bogota
  • Boyaca
  • Caldas
  • Cundinamarca
  • Quindío
  • Risaralda
  • Santander
  • Valle del Cauca
  • Tolima

Success Stories

    Thanks to the success of its operations in Colombia, Endava, a British IT company, announced its expansion with a projected investment of at least US $10 million and the creation of 500 jobs in the next five years
    As an IT service provider, focused on developing software for business development, Endava has more than 15 years of professional experience with some of the world's leading companies in finance, insurance, telecommunications, media, and technology. After an analysis of 17 Latin American cities across 7 countries, Endava reached Bogota to set up a new operations base that will allow them to be closer to their clients in North America and Europe.
    Endava aspires to become one of the largest recruiters and employment generators in the IT sector through incentives such as the possibility of working with international clients at Endava's offices worldwide and receiving training through a variety of courses and workshops. It also seeks to boost the knowledge network in Colombia's IT sector through a bimonthly meeting, Bogota.Connect.IT, where engineers and members of the community can share experiences and progress
    Qvantel, Finnish telecommunications company opens in Colombia
    The Finnish IT services company Qvantel began operations in Medellín, Colombia, thanks to a service contract with Millicom that extends to its main client in the region, TIGO / UNE.
    Colombia is a pioneer in the region, hosting the development of a project focused on assembling a business support system (BSS) for all of Latin America. Company executives estimate the creation of about 80 jobs for systems engineering and telecommunications professionals.
    Qvantel, with headquarters in Finland, provides software and services for digital business support systems based on the B2B cloud for telecommunications operators. Its solution allows operators to optimize costs, providing a much more complete customer experience.
  • JUMIO:
    Company from the heart of Silicon Valley, installed the first identification center in Latin America.
    With an initial investment of US $1 million in a first stage (more than $1.8 billion pesos), Jumio Corp, a tech organization based in Silicon Valley, California (USA), opened its first office in Latin America and began operations in Baranquilla, in turn creating 400 jobs.
    This company's arrival highlights Barranquilla as an attractive city due to the development of its infrastructure and human capital.
    Jumio's global activity, and its line of business, consists in verifying people's identities for clients around the world.
    When people apply for a credit through a technological platform, apply for a visa to enter a country, or purchase services, a process of personal information and identity verification is required.
    The U.S. company, from the heart of Palo Alto, also the birthplace of Apple, Google, and Facebook, formed a partnership with Colombia's NativApps to develop digital tools and meet the demands of identity confirmation. This exercise requires that clients such as banks, embassies, and other organizations that have online procedures trust in the company, in addition to having personnel available to develop the technologies.

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