Investment in the Aquaculture sector

Invest in the Aquaculture sector


Fisheries and aquaculture in Colombia have been carried out historically both on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and in inland waters. Colombia has more than 3,000 km of coastline and exclusive economic zones in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that cover more than 800,000 km².

Colombia has more than 700,000 micro-watersheds and more than 20 million hectares of aquatic ecosystems. In addition, it has multiple and diverse marine hydrological ecosystems, fresh and brackish water, and a wide variety of relatively stable climatic conditions, this richness translates into one of the highest biodiversity indexes and the greatest diversity of fish in the planet.

  • High availability of suitable lands for breeding in the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, and mainland.
  • Colombia has one of the best genetic improvement programs for shrimps with continuous participation of the productive sector. Colombia's improved genetic material performs well in intensive and extensive systems.
  • Colombia has a high biodiversity of hydrobiological organisms, as well as freshwater, marine and suitable land that gives great potential for the development of aquaculture.
  • High compliance with government standards, to ensure sustainability of the sector, through criteria for: the selection of the zones, planting systems, fattening and reproduction; respectful with the water, forest and land, avoiding environmental damage and conserving the environment.
  • Research, innovation and development policies and mechanisms generated by the Center for Aquaculture Research (CENIACUA), designed to improve products, production chains, knowledge transfer, genetics and health.

These are some of the reasons to invest in the aquaculture sector in Colombia. Here you can learn in detail about all of these opportunities and more reasons why to make Colombia the chosen destination for your projects.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Strategic alliances with local fish farmers who need to increase their production and carry out extensions or assemblies of processing plants to cover the domestic demand and export fresh and processed products.
  • Technological development to generate added value in fish products, for both the national and international market.
  • Available technology to develop mariculture projects mainly on the Caribbean coast where the climatic and water temperature conditions are ideal for this type of initiatives and where, due to its location, Colombia has a comparative advantage to access markets such as the United States.
  • Reactivation of cultivated areas and old infrastructure for shrimp cultivation in the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, which have proved to be productive and cost-effective.


Learn about the principal regions with opportunities for investment in the Shrimp-farming sector:

  • Cartagena
  • Huila
  • Valle del Cauca

These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Shrimp-farming Sector, we invite you to learn in detail these and more reasons why Colombia is the destination for your projects.

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