Investment in Cocoa,
Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods

Cocoa, Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods Sector



Colombia has optimal agro-ecological conditions and excellent genetic materials for cacao production, providing attractive properties of flavor and aroma for the international market.

  • There are 4.7 million of hectares in Colombia with a high aptitude for cocoa crops.
  • According to the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), 95% of the cocoa produced in Colombia is fine or flavor, this distinction is granted only to 5% of the beans produced worldwide.
  • Cocoa is cultivated in 29 of the 32 departments in Colombia. Santander (38%), Antioquia (8,9%), Aruca (8,3%), Huila (8%) and Tolima (7,6%) account for more than 70% of the national production.
  • In 2020 the chocolate confectionary is expected to sale 15,4 million tons, 1,2 million tones more than in 2018.
  • Its outstanding quality has received recognition in highly known international events such as the "Salon du Chocolat".
  • This product is cultivated mainly by small and medium size producers, gathering more than 38,000 families.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in the Cocoa, Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods sector. We invite you to  investigate in detail these and more reasons to make Colombia the destination for your projects.

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Investment Opportunities


  • Production of cocoa ingredients needed for food manufacturing: Primary transformation products such as cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.
  • Joint Venture with a local partner or Greenfield Project: Investment in industrial plants through technological development and innovation in processes and products.


There are many regions in the country with great potential for cocoa, such as:

Cases of Success

  • Acumen: The US investment fund specializing in the agro-industrial sector and impact, invested about US $ 1.1 million in the company CACAO DE COLOMBIA (known with its line CACAO HUNTERS) in the establishment of a second production plant in Popayán, Cauca. Currently the company Colombia has a high export power of its high-end chocolate to Asian markets.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in Colombia’s Cocoa, Chocolate, and Confectionary Goods Sector, we invite you to investigate in detail these and more reasons make Colombia the destination of choice for your projects.

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