Investment in Agribusiness

Investment in Agribusiness sector


Colombia offers great investment and export opportunities for the agri-food sector due to its agricultural potential, climate conditions, water resources and a well and stablished companies for the agro-industrial sector.

  • According to the FAO, arable land for food production will keep increasing. Over the next 30 years, developing countries will need 120 million more hectares for crops. Around half of the land that could be used for agricultural production is located in seven tropical countries: Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Congo and Sudan.
  • According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the sector generates more than 20% of Colombian employment and contributes with approximately 5% of the GDP.
  • Agribusiness production amounted to COP 75.518 billion in 2016, 31,7% of national production (DANE. – National food and beverage manufactured production)
  • Colombian agro-business exports in 2017 reached USD 7,309 million, reaching more than 164 markets and 49% share of the total non-mining Colombian exports.

These are some of the reasons to invest in agribusiness in Colombia. Here you can learn in detail about all of these opportunities and more reasons why to make Colombia the chosen destination for your agricultural projects.

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