Investment Opportunities in Manizales - Caldas


Manizales - Caldas

  • Average Temperature: 22 ° C
  • Population Department 2018: 991,860 inhabitants
  • Population of the Capital 2018: 419,000 inhabitants
  • GDP Department 2017: USD $ 8,860 million
  • GDP per capita Department 2017: USD 8,932
  • Department Area: 7,888 Km2
  • Capital Area: 572 km2

Reasons To Invest

  • First place in ease of doing business: Manizales in the last three studies of Doing Business has turned out to be the city of Colombia where it is easier to do business, standing out in "Property Registry", "Tax Payment", "Permit Management of construction "and" Opening of a business ".
  • First place in quality of life: Manizales, is considered the first city with the best quality of life in Colombia. It has one of the lowest rates of poverty and economic inequality at the national level and with the best perception of security in the country.
  • Strategic location: Caldas located in the center of the "Golden Triangle" in the middle of the main production centers of the country Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, where 78% of the national GDP is generated and 55% of the population is concentrated, offering thus, the best possibilities of access to national and international markets.
  • Extraordinary human talent: Human talent for those who seek competitiveness. We are prepared, kind, receptive and willing to accept any challenge. We have: 4 universities accredited in high quality by the Ministry of Education of Colombia, 57 undergraduate programs under this same accreditation, concentrating in this way 67% of the accredited universities of the Coffee Region.
  • Business climate: We are a region known as one of the best to settle in Colombia and the right option to invest and grow in the country. We have the 4th place in the competitiveness index, measured by the Private Competitiveness Council, standing out in the components of Institutions, Higher Education and Market Access. Additionally, according to the National Planning Department, we are ranked 6th in the Innovation Index nationwide, standing out in human capital, research and creative production.

Potential Sectors

  • Services: Outsourcing of BPO Services; Software and IT Services; Hotel and Tourism Infrastructure.
  • Agroindustry: Avocado; Citrus fruits (Tahiti lemon); Special coffees.
  • Infrastructure: Energy projects; Region and city projects; Real estate projects.

Success Stories

  • Dentix: 2015 - Dentix is the largest network of dental clinics in the world. A company that does not have franchise management, and that has about 120 establishments in Europe. It opens a clinic in Manizales in 2015, with an approximate investment of USD 1 million, generating 30 jobs in this sector.
  • MABE: 1972 - Mexican company and the largest manufacturer of white goods in the Americas.
  • Digitex: 2014 - Spanish multinational, has focused on providing services for large companies in the telecommunications, electrical and banking sectors. Traditional telephone service and new BPO services. Generator of 4 thousand jobs approximately.
  • Riduco S.A.: 1969 – Company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of injected and extracted plastic products. With the inter-institutional alliance between Render (Spanish company) and Riduco, this organization was strengthened as the only company in Colombia and in the Andean area with the capacity to produce luminaires for motorcycle assemblers.
  • New Shore Global Services: 2011 - Spanish company dedicated to the development of software that has 89 employees.
  • Bellota Colombia S.A.: 1987 - Spanish company dedicated to providing hand tools, solutions and components to customers and users in the construction, agriculture and gardening sectors.
  • CAFEXPORT S.A.R.L.: 2009 - Swiss international corporation dedicated to the commercialization of a broad portfolio of coffee products.
  • Manisol S.A. (BATA): 1968 - It was born as an initiative of the company BATA SHOE ORGANIZATION, as a source of regional development for this area of the country. your social media marketing partner


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