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Investment Opportunities in Cúcuta - Norte de Santander

Investment Map Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Northern Santander - Cucuta: A City without borders

  • Average weather: 28°C
  • Population in Northern Santander 2015: 1.355.787 inhabitants
  • Population in Cucuta 2015: 656.414 inhabitants
  • Northern Santander GDP 2014: US$ 6.162 million
  • Northern Santander GDP per capita 2014: US$ 4.585
  • Northern Santander Surface Area: 21,658 km2
  • Cucuta Surface Area: 1,098 km2

Located in the Colombian North-East, on the Venezuelan border, this department is an important border crossing where 87% of all exports that pass through head to the neighboring country.

This region is of particular historical significance for the continent, as the experiment of Gran Colombia was created here. Additionally, the region is rich in natural resources like coal and oil, and there is a strong agricultural sector.

It is not only economically robust, but also there is a great scope for additional tourism infrastructure with a potential for envionmental and themed resorts as well as hotels with specific exclusive services. your social media marketing partner


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