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Investment Map Cartagena - Bolívar - Colombia

Bolivar - Cartagena: Touristic and Industrial center

  • Average temperature: Tropical dry climate, between 28 ° C and 34 ° C
  • Department´s population: 2,146,696 inhabitants
  • Capital´s population 2018: 1,029,900 inhabitants
  • GDP Department 2017: USD $ 10,787 million
  • GDP per capita Department 2017: USD$ 5,108
  • Department Area: 25,978 km2
  • Capital Area: 653,7 km2

In 1991, Cartagena was declared Touristic, Historical, and Cultural District by UNESCO. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia, attracting thousands of national and international tourists all year round.

In addition to its unquestionable historical richness, “the Heroic City” (“La Heroica”) is in a privileged location that turns it into a strategic stronghold for worldwide commerce through the Caribbean Sea.

The city has consolidated itself as the top industrial city on the Caribbean - according to the Banco de la República’s Regional Center for Economic Studies. It houses the Mamonal Industrial Park, one of the most important industrial areas in Colombia prompting foreign trade and a competitive advantage for domestic products in international markets.

Fostered by the arrival of foreign companies in the commercial, manufacturing, and touristic sectors, Cartagena has been acknowledged as the main port for shipping containers and cruise ships, welcoming thousands of tourists travelling on recognized ships like the “Queen Elizabeth”, the “Horizon”, and the “Grandeur of the seas”.

Reasons To Invest

  • Connectivity: Cartagena is a premier investment destination, strategically located in the center of the American continent, positioned as the main multimodal logistics platform in Colombia. It has fluvial connectivity to the Magdalena River, the main artery of the country; terrestrial connectivity, with four access roads of last generation that communicate it in an agile way with the north and interior of the country; aerial connectivity, with the airport better connected to national and international destinations in the region, and communications, because five inter-oceanic cables enter the city that keep the country connected to the Internet.
  • Human Resource: The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Colombia, remaining in the last few years over one digit, lower than the country's average. Additionally, it has 53 institutions of higher education and training for work that offer around 546 technical, technological, undergraduate, specialization, masters and doctoral programs. The city has six universities with high quality institutional accreditation, the largest number in the region.
  • Quality of Life: Factors such as safety and the varied offer of well-being, leisure and fun make Cartagena a first-class city to live. The territory is conserved, due to the presence of important enclaves of national security, as one of the safest Colombian capitals. To the tourist and monumental attraction already widely recognized, different cultural and social events of national and international importance are added. The coverage of public services is over 90% in the urban area and the hospital network has 52 care centers of different levels and specialties.
  • Public-private Partnerships: Thanks to the work between the district and departmental governments, the management of strategic projects for the competitiveness of the territory has been achieved through important public-private partnerships. These include the longest viaduct in the country, the Gran Manglar viaduct, and the longest bridge between Yatí-Bodega, La Mojana Bolivarense region. It is also worth mentioning the road interconnection project Ruta Caribe 2, another great achievement.
  • Infrastructure for Business: In Cartagena, investors can count on real estate spaces within and outside the free trade regime at competitive prices, the largest number of free zones in the region, industrial parks and large infrastructure storage centers, as well as accessible land. Ideally located for any type of investment.

Potential Sectors 

  • Manufactures:
    • Metalworking-shipyard
    • Petrochemical-plastic
    • Agroindustri.
  • Services:
    • Port Logistics
    • Tourism
    • Offshore Oil Goods and Services
    • Renewable Energies and Construction.

Success Stories 

  • HG, England: 2011 - IHG is a global hotel chain with more than 4,700 hotels in almost one hundred countries and territories around the world. IHG is a family of 9 brands that includes hotels according to all the needs of the guests. IHG opened two hotels in Cartagena, a Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express.
  • Kuehne + Nagel, Switzerland: 2011 - Logistics distribution center in Cartagena of the global transport and logistics company.
  • Grupo Phoenix, Colombia: 2013- Grupo Phoenix is among the world leaders in the development and manufacture of thermoformed, injected plastic packaging, aluminum caps, high barrier sheets, aluminum tubes and disposable products. It is the grouping of the most important packaging companies for the industry, food service and mass consumption in Latin America North America. It has 14 production plants, one of them installed in Cartagena, located in La Candelaria Free Zone.
  • Auteco, Colombia: 2013- Auteco is the first motorcycle assembler in the country and the only multi-brand assembler. The company installed a production plant in Cartagena.
  • Jason Industrial, United States: 2013- Jason Industrial is the leading supplier of industrial rubber and hardware products in North America.
  • Bayer, Germany: 2014- The Bayer Group is a leader in research, using the most advanced technology in the areas in which it works. It is one of the leading global companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, offering a wide range of products and services covering the areas of human and animal health, nutrition and crop care and innovative materials. In Cartagena the company installed a distribution plant.
  • Pirelli, Italy: 2014 - Pirelli is an important industrial company dedicated to the manufacture of tires and the only supplier of tires in Formula 1. It is in 160 countries and has 19 production plants and around 10,000 distribution centers and stores retailers In Cartagena, the company installed a distribution center for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Schottel, Germany: 2015 - Schottel is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of azimuth propulsion and steering systems for ships. The company installed a distribution center in Cartagena.
  • Sun International Group, South Africa: 2015 - Sun International Group is a group that operates hotels, resorts and casinos. It is currently the most important in Africa. This group inaugurated a casino in Cartagena.
  • Hyatt Regency, USA: 2016 - International hotel company with US capital
  • O-tek, Colombia: 2017- Technological leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructure in advanced materials.
  • Hilton, USA: 2017 - Opening of its first luxury hotel with the Conrad brand.
  • British American Tobacco: USA: 2018- British American Tobacco is a tobacco company that owns some of the most important brands of cigarettes.
  • Celsia, Colombia: 2018- Assembly of solar farm in the north of the department.
  • Deceuninck, Belgium: 2018- Belgian designer and producer of PVC systems for windows and doors, interiors, roofs and coverings and terraces.

Free Trade Zone Parque Central 

Industrial park with free regime of 115 hectares for the development of logistic, industrial and commercial activities. It was approved in October 2010 and began operations in 2012.

Located in the municipality of Turbaco, in the conurbation area with the District of Cartagena de Indias.

  • It is surrounded by the most important road corridors of double carriageway loading.
  • It is a few kilometers from the industrial and port centers of the city: 12 km from the Port of Contecar, 6 km from the Mamonal Industrial Zone, 9 km from the Cartagena Refinery, 2 km from the transport terminal and 2 km from the main station of Transcaribe.


Routes all in rigid concrete between 13 meters and 10.5 meters, platforms of 2 meters of concrete and 2 meters in green area.

  • Underground electrical installation.
  • External parking with capacity for 36 tractomulas and 28 private vehicles.
  • Administration and office building of the DIAN.
  • Special area for customs inspection with capacity for 12 tractors.
  • Sewage treatment system.
  • Own system of storage of water and network of hydrants under pressure for systems against fire.
  • Mall of services upon entry to the Free Trade Zone.


  • Modern complex to facilitate day-to-day operations: restaurants, offices, customs agencies, couriers, freight forwarders, supply chain advisors, banks and markets.
  • Offers rooms for events, meetings and trainings.
  • Comprehensive risk management (infrastructure, security, physical, natural, etc).


  • It is surrounded by the most important dual carriageway corridors in the city.
  • It has easy terrestrial access with the industrial and port poles of the city, optimizing multimodal transport.


  • Enjoy a pollution-free environment.
  • It has a reservoir of 6.1 hectares.
  • Own source of raw water storage and sewage treatment plant.
  • It has a park for public use of 1.6 hectares adjacent to the reservoir of water for recreation and recreation of the population and employees.


Tatiana Días Leottau
commercial Director
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+57 (5) 645 52 80 ext 1011
+57 310 869 73 58

Carlos Gómez de la Espriella
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+57 (5) 645 52 80 ext 1011
+57 310 634 34 12



Free Trade Zone La Candelaria

The Permanent Free Zone of La Candelaria, with an area of 116 hectares, is located in the heart of the largest Colombian petrochemical complex, in expansion, in the immediate vicinity of the new Cartagena Refinery of Ecopetrol and recognized international suppliers of raw materials, which allows related companies to link to this cluster or petrochemical production chain to take advantage of its geographical, port and logistical advantages of all kinds, among other aspects that make the project advantageous.

  • A 4.3 of the Mamonal Port, 9 km from Contecar, 10 km from the transport terminal, 13 km from Muelles del Bosque, 15 km from the Port Society, 25 km from the airport.
  • It is located in the heart of the largest Colombian petrochemical complex in expansion.
  • La Candelaria Free Zone is the geographical center of the Mamonal Industrial Park.
  • It is located at kilometer 9 of the Cargo Corridor.
  • It has a road network designed for easy and quick access of merchandise entering or leaving the free zone.
  • The main avenue of the free zone has two roads of 7 meters each, a central separator of 2 meters wide and 3 meters on each side of hard areas and green areas.
  • It has raw water service for industrial processes. It also has sewage service to modular treatment plants.
  • Provides administration and maintenance services for common areas. ISO 9001 CertificatesIt has an area of pre-inspection of external load, for a fast and convenient operation of merchandise entry.
  • Modern inventory control system, which guarantees agile and secure operations, under a web environment to guarantee access from anywhere in the world.


Jesús Roldán
Operations and Commercial Director
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+57 (5) 672 36 30


Free Trade Zone Zofranca

The Free trade zone was created in 1973 as a project for regional growth conceived as a development pole for the growth of the city. It is located in the industrial sector 14kms from the city, has easy access to the port and Rafael Núñez international airport. The facilities have the adequate electrical infrastructure, road, potable water and communications.

  • Located in the industrial sector 14 km from the city. Located in the middle of a nature reserve.
  • Easy access to the port and airport.
  • Its physical infrastructure is divided into two sectors: the commercial sector and the industrial sector.
  • The commercial sector consists of 9 warehouses, physical installed capacity of 15,895 m2 and storage yards of 5,909 m2.
  • The Industrial sector has 2 islands with an installed physical capacity of 26 industrial warehouses with 47,442 m2.
  • It has industrial warehouses with mezzanine for offices, bathrooms, storage areas, production and patios.


  • Provides a foreign trade advisory service to their clients in logistics processes so they can make the best decision.
  • It offers an inventory control system (P.I.C.I.Z.), which has a modern inventory control software for greater agility in the development of foreign trade processes and better control over its raw materials and finished products.
  • It has an electronic scale of 100 tons ideal for the control of the weight at the entrance and exit of raw materials and finished products.
  • It has its own plant built to treat wastewater from industrial users.


  • Provides port service through the Sociedad Portuaria del Dique S.A.
  • Marginal spring 120 meters long.
  • Draft of approximately 27 feet.
  • Storage area available adjacent to the 17,150 m2 quay
  • Near the Dique Canal for easy access to the rest of the country.

It has a solid preventive intelligence service supported by cutting-edge technology and state security agencies.

  • Goods entry and exit control.
  • Security checkpoints and video security cameras.
  • Access by water and land that guarantees the safety of the investor and its workers.
  • Member of the B.A.S.C, which assures strict compliance with security processes and standards


Maria Elvira Vergara
Operations and services manager
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+57 (5) 660 77 60 ext 109

Juan C. Lemaitre
General Manager
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+57 320 567 48 32



Free Trade Zone Puerta de las Américas

Declared a Permanent Free Trade Zone of the Americas in 2009, with the aim of directing, managing, supervising, promoting, developing and promoting the industrial, commercial and service development of the free zones in the regional, national and international spheres.

Paola Oliver
Commercial Manager
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+57 313 452 33 20


Free Trade Zone Monsú Project

Monsú will provide solutions for national and foreign companies, contributing to economic development and promoting foreign investment in Colombia, articulating five (5) projects in one (1): free zone, Logistic Activity Zone (ZAL), industrial park, business park and service area.


Margarita Guardo
Commercial Director
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Free Trade Zone Santelca Project

Located at kilometer 19 on the Gambote - Mamonal road, in the municipality of Turbana, in the area of influence of the industrial zone and the port of Cartagena de Indias. The project was declared a permanent free zone by the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN) in the last quarter of 2013, with an area of 739,746.36 m2


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