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Free Zone Palma Seca

The free zone Palmaseca, is a permanent free zone, administered and directed by a private law company that operates since July 1 of 1994. Today, more than 50 companies have their headquarters in Palmaseca, among industrial and commercial companies that are clustered in the textile, chemical, packaging, food, automotive, graphic arts, and logistics operators sectors, among others.


Commercial Analyst
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Free Zone of the Pacific

It is a private industrial park that operates as a free zone, located in Valle del Cauca in the southwestern Colombia. The Free Zone of the Pacific offers the benefits of the free regime and seeks to promote and develop the process of industrialization of goods, the productive chain and the provision of services, as well as strengthen the competitiveness of its users and customers by taking advantage of the generated opportunities from international trade and bilateral agreements signed by Colombia.

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Free Zone Pacific Industrial Logistics Center 

Located on the road between Buenaventura and Buga (way to Bogotá from the seaport), this free zone is a strategic platform that develops international trade to and from the Pacific, generating sustainable added value, encouraging competitiveness through the application of the best global practices for construction, operations management, environmental protection and human talent development.

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Free Zone Zonamerica

Zonamerica is located south of Cali, in a privileged location in the middle of the cluster of knowledge of the city, surrounded by universities, colleges, technology parks and high-level research centers. It will represent great opportunities for qualified employment and will offer your community various services and spaces that foster growth and creativity. Zonamerica offers the scalability and flexibility necessary to support the accelerated growth of businesses, accompanying it with safety, international quality standards (LEED GOLD Buildings) and state-of-the-art technology. Zonamerica is specialized in outsourcing, bpo, ito, call center, regional offices and shared services centers, research and development centers, e-commerce platforms and digital marketing.

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Free Zone in Buenaventura - CELPA

It is the Free Trade Zone of the port in Buenaventura, ideal for logistic operations of storage and distribution throughout the country.

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Investment Map Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia


Valle del Cauca - Cali: Colombia’s doorway to the Pacific

  • Average Temperature: 25,5°C
  • Population in Valle del Cauca 2018: 4.756.113 inhabitants
  • Population in Cali 2018: 2.571.068 inhabitants
  • Valle del Cauca GDP 2017: US$ 28.3 billion
  • Valle del Cauca GDP per capita 2017: US$ 6.001
  • Valle del Cauca Surface Area: 22.140 Km2
  • Cali Surface Area: 562 km2


Reasons To Invest

  • Geostrategic Location: Valle del Cauca is located in the southwest of Colombia on the Pacific Ocean shoreline, it is the most cost-efficient region to serve the national and international market. From it you can supply the Andean Community market (124 meters of inhabitants), the Pacific Alliance (218 meters of inhabitants) and other regions.
  • Business Fabric: The region is known as the "Cradle of Multinationals", with more than 150 companies installed, such as: Unilever, Baxter, Nestlé, etc. It is also home to 4 of the 10 largest software companies in the country, as well as having the most export companies in Colombia in confectionery, textiles, pineapple and frozen fruit.
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity: Valle del Cauca is the only multimodal region in Colombia, with the best network of dual carriageway roads, the second most important airport in the country and the railroad. In addition, Buenaventura's seaport is the most important in Colombia, as it moves the highest load in containers nationwide (42%). Likewise, there are 7 Permanent Free Zones that generate 77% of the exports from Colombian free zones.
  • Human Resource: The region has a cluster of highly developed human talent. Every year, 30,700 students graduate from more than 41 Higher Education Institutions, entering to contribute to the workforce of the region. The presence of multinationals means that the region has a skilled labor force with a high knowhow in different economic sectors.
  • Competitive Costs: Cali stands out for its excellent cost-benefit ratio, since it has the most competitive real estate prices in the national market (between the big cities). In addition, Cali has one of the lowest labor costs among the main cities in Latin America, such as Bogotá, Lima, Quito, among others.
  • Quality of Life: Cali, capital of the Region, has the privilege of enjoying the second best air in Latin America, according to WHO. In addition, it enjoys an excellent quality of life, since it offers the same standard of living at a lower cost than cities such as Mexico D.F., Bogotá, Lima, among others.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroindustry:
    • Renewable Energies
    • Fruits
    • White Protein
    • Macrosnacks
  • Manufactures:
    • Metalworking
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Cosmetics and Products for the Home Care
    • Chemicals and Plastics
  • Services:
    • Outsourcing of BPO and KPO Services
    • Software and IT Services
    • Logistics and Transportation
    • Shared Services Centers
    • R & D Centers
    • Hotel and Tourism Infrastructure

Success Stories

  • Zonamérica: 2011 - Zonamérica is the Free Zone for Services born in Uruguay in 1990, as a platform for the development and creation of business centers. In Cali, Zonamérica has a space of 38 hectares with 18 buildings designed for offices, fitness center, restaurants and conference centers, among others. The initial investment was USD $33 Million generating 50 jobs.
  • Marriott International Inc.: 2012 - American luxury hotel franchise that stands out for its high levels of hospitality and unique style. The company has more than 5,000 hotels and resorts in 68 countries. In Colombia, the company has 6 hotels in Bogotá, Medellin and Barranquilla. The investment made was USD $140 million, generating 190 jobs.
  • Hero: 2015 - Indian motorbike industry that since 2001 is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in India and the No.1 motorcycle company in the world in terms of unit sales volume per year. It made an investment of USD $ 75 million in its assembly plant located in the Free Zone Parque Sur, generating 400 jobs.
  • Agrogénesis: 2017 - Agronegocios Génesis is one of the largest companies in the agro-industrial sector in Peru, leader in genetics and commercialization of seeds, and the development of seedlings. Founded in 2001, it now has productive presence in Ecuador and Colombia. Its plant is located in the municipality of Trujillo generating 25 jobs, with an investment of USD $3 Million.
  • LG Electronics: 2017 - LG Electronics is one of the largest electronic manufacturer companies in the world. It develops technological advances in electronics, mobile communications and household appliances. Based in Seoul, Korea, it has 75 subsidiaries worldwide. The company installed its logistics operations center in the municipality of Palmira, generating 150 jobs and investing USD $12 million. your social media marketing partner


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