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Santander - Bucaramanga: Academic and services center

  • Average weather: 23°C
  • Population in Santander 2015: 2.061.079 inhabitants
  • Population in Bucaramanga 2016: 528.269 inhabitants
  • Santander GDP 2014: US$ 29.313 million
  • Santander GDP per capita 2014: US$ 14.292
  • Santander Surface Area: 30,537km²
  • Bucaramanga Surface Area: 154km²

Also known as the “Beautiful City” (“Ciudad Bonita”), Bucaramanga is located in the North-East of Colombia along the Eastern mountain range just a short distance from the striking Chicamocha Canyon - one of the most beautiful touristic spots in the country.

The city is mainly commercial, focusing on the clothing and footwear sectors as well as in health, financial and education services.

A growing number of technological research centers have been gradually created in Bucaramanga, providing for many fields including energy, gas, oil, corrosion, asphalt, leather, and agribusiness development tools, amongst others.

Zona Franca Santander


Santander Free Trade Zone

Santander Free Trade Zone - Offshoring & Outsourcing Park (ZFSantander) its located right in the center of the Bucaramanga metropolitan facilitating the connection to the fourth municipalities that it is made of (Bucaramanga, Floridablanca, Piedecuesta y Girón), which means a quick access to the International Airport, Universities, Malls, Residential complexes, Hotels and Clubs; characteristics that promote a quality of life for all of the free trade community.
ZFSantander was conceived since the beginning as a Free Trade Zone oriented to the services sector, offering to domestic and foreign companies solutions about an ideal platform to establish competitive, global and sustainable companies allowing the access to the free trade benefits and the Colombian market. Our dynamic operation to best serve the specific needs of our users are organized into three main specialized zones:Logistics, Global services, and High-value-added manufacturing.


  • Health and life sciences: Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical and Medical Devices.
  • Outsourcing operations: BPO (Contact Centers and Shared Services Center) / ITO (Software Development) / KPO (Telemedicine, information analysis, Engineering and remote education services).
  • Manufacturing: Apparel, Food, metalworking and construction.
  • Logistics and Storage
  • Agro-Industry


  • Step-by-step support to take your business from idea to reality:
    • Professional support for your business plan development.
    • Support and training in free trade zone procedures.
    • Synergies and local networking.
    • Guidance and support in environmental management.
    • Free Access to a platform to identify and hire skilled workforce.
    • Brand positioning for ZFS companies.
  • Attractive, innovative spaces for team-building and development:
    • Higher Education Institutions inside ZFSantander that provide tailored training and complementary services: SENA, Santo Tomas University and the University of Research and Development.
    • Training and wellness spaces.
  • Connectivity:
    • Telecommunications support and administrated by ZFS Operator User.
    • Multiple redundant fiber optic routings for reliability and security with primary and backup technical rooms to support the fiber optic network.
    • Connected to a broad group of telecommunications providers, from local operators to the international network backbone.
  • Secure, highly-qualified environment for your operations:
    • Double Security Perimeter.
    • 24/7 Comprehensive Security.
    • Complete CCTV Coverage with more than 160 cameras.
    • Electronic control for all the pedestrian and vehicles at the entrance/way out to the free trade zone area.
  • Flexible commercial property solutions:
    • Offices, lots and warehouses with technical specifications according to the requirements of each operation.
    • Built to suit solutions.
    • Business Center.



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