Investment Opportunities in Armenia - Quindio


Armenia - Quindio

  • Average weather: 18 °C – 28°C
  • Population in Quindio 2018: 575.010 inhabitants
  • Population in Armenia 2018: 301.224 inhabitants
  • Quindio GDP 2017: USD $2.969 millon
  • Quindio GDP per capita 2017: USD$5.627
  • Quindio Surface Area: 1.845 Km2
  • Armenia Surface Area: 250 Km2


Reasons To Invest

  • Region committed to national competitiveness: According to the Índice de Competitividad de Ciudades 2018, Armenia, capital of the department, is the city No. 1 with the lowest tax burden for companies, No. 1 in number of tax payments per year and No. 2 with greater facilities for open a company. Also, the Doing Business report of the World Bank, places Armenia in the Top 10 of the cities of Colombia where it is easier to do business.
  • Qualified human capital: Armenia has 33 educational institutions, 325 academic programs and around 41,000 active students who are available labor force for productive projects. 80% of the inhabitants are concentrated in 5 municipalities.
  • Connection axis of Colombia: Quindio is the epicenter of the Golden Triangle of Colombia, which concentrates the productive activity of the country. In addition, to be the strategic step of 40% of the load that goes between the West and the Center of Colombia. Quindio is the No. 1 department in paved primary road networks in Colombia and has the Line Tunnel that connects with the Colombian capital in 4 hours.
  • Tax incentives: Quindío offers tax and non-tax incentives that in the case of Armenia include up to 100% exemption for 10 years for the new industry, in Industry and Commerce taxes, Notices and Boards and Unified Property, by generation of employment.
  • ZOMAC zones: Pijao, Genova and Salento are the 3 municipalities ZOMAC (Areas Most Affected by the Armed Conflict) in Quindío, in which tax benefits are established for new companies that develop their economic activity in those areas. The main benefit consists of a progressive rate of income tax, for a period of 10 years from 2017, which varies depending on the size of the company.
  • Quality of life: According to the Índice Departamental de Competitividad de Colombia 2017, Quindío occupies the second and fourth place in service coverage of aqueduct and electric power, respectively. It offers an average transit time of 17 minutes within the city of Armenia and 80 minutes to the most distant municipality of the capital of the department.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroindustry:
    • Horticultural sector
    • Coffee
    • Processed foods
  • Services:
    • Outsourcing of BPO and KPO Services
    • Shared services Center
    • Software and IT Services
    • Consulting services specialized in IT
    • Hotel and Tourism Infrastructure
    • Entertainment services
    • Restaurant services, wellness centers
    • Logistics infrastructure

Success Stories

  • Camposol: 2018 – The Peruvian company Camposol, characterized by offering fresh, healthy and high quality food to consumers around the world in fourteen supermarket chains in North America, Europe and Asia, chose Colombia as an investment destination. Salento, Quindío was one of the municipalities selected for the expansion of markets, specifically the avocado, where the company expects to expand its export offer throughout the year. The goal of the Peruvian company will be to produce 40,000 MT of avocado in Colombian territory by the year 2025.
  • Artisan Tropic: 2017 – American company dedicated to the processing of healthy foods, specifically plantain and cassava for the production of 100% export snacks to the US market and, possibly, in the future to the European market, decided to install its production plant in the municipality of La Tebaida, Quindío.
  • Digitex: 2016 – Spanish multinational that opened its operations in Armenia, providing telephone and technical support services for customers and users of Telefónica Chile, generating around 800 jobs.

Quindio Free Trade Zone

Quindío Zona Franca (QZF) is an important part of the logistics platform that drives the internationalization of the Coffee Region, dynamically incorporating key factors of competitiveness, such as: location, infrastructure, tax incentives, access to national and international markets, security, costs, strong support and support for customs operations, among others associated with foreign trade.
It is a permanent free trade zone, which has Industrial Users of Goods and Services, Industrial Users of Services and Commercial Users.

  • Strategically located in the Tebaida, Quindio
  • 1,600 meters far away from El Edén International Airport.
  • It has infrastructure for the installation of manufacturing and service companies.
  • Adjacent to the Pacific railway station.
  • It has specialized logistics users.
  • Free regime incentives apply: 20% rent.
  • No payment of duty and VAT for goods and equipment that remain in the free zone.
  • Local Incentives Industry and Commerce + Unified Property up to 95% discount according to employment generation.
  • Permitted up to 40% of partial processing outside the Free Zone.

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