Investment Map Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia


Santander - Bucaramanga: Academic and services center

  • Average weather: 23°C
  • Population in Santander 2015: 2.061.079 inhabitants
  • Population in Bucaramanga 2016: 528.269 inhabitants
  • Santander GDP 2014: US$ 29.313 million
  • Santander GDP per capita 2014: US$ 14.292
  • Santander Surface Area: 30,537km²
  • Bucaramanga Surface Area: 154km²

Also known as the “Beautiful City” (“Ciudad Bonita”), Bucaramanga is located in the North-East of Colombia along the Eastern mountain range just a short distance from the striking Chicamocha Canyon - one of the most beautiful touristic spots in the country.

The city is mainly commercial, focusing on the clothing and footwear sectors as well as in health, financial and education services.

A growing number of technological research centers have been gradually created in Bucaramanga, providing for many fields including energy, gas, oil, corrosion, asphalt, leather, and agribusiness development tools, amongst others.


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