Success Stories

  • Telemark: Spanish Contact Center dedicated to voice operations both inbound and outbound. Telemark also invested USD $4.410.000 in 2009 in graphic design services.
  • Suzuki: Pereira has the most current motorcycle factory in Latin America.
  • Voxmark: A contact center of local origin, which offers services to international companies, focuses in outbound operations.
  • ABB: A Swiss Company, ABB is a leader in power and automation technology that aids industrial clients and other companies to improve their performance production rates. ABB's Transformer Plant is located in the Industrial zone of the municipality Dosquebradas.
  • Parque Arauco: Real-estate Investments that have risen to USD $80 million.
  • Daewoo: In 2009 the South Korean company invested USD $15.000.000 in Pereira's city center.
  • Samsung: In 2008 the South Korean company invested USD $2.200.000 in Pereira.
  • Kimberly-Clark: In 2008 Kimberly-Clark invested USD $161.400.000 in Pereira.
  • Parque Arauco: In 2012 this Chilean Company dedicated to the construction of real-estate and special retail buildings, inaugurated the first shopping mall located in Pereira. They plan a further 10 complexes.

Potential Sectors



  • Domestic demand guaranteed. Total domestic production currently on caters to 70% of Colombian ethanol demand.
  • Ethanol production in the region has a high average productivity.

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  • With Heights ranging from between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above the sea level, this is ideal terrain for Oak, Walnut, Cedar, Eucalyptus and Pine.
  • There are about 54,550 acres without restrictions for forestry investment.

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Opportunities in the assembly of buses, trucks, light vehicles and auto-parts - the manufacturing of parts for the segments of the interiors of vehicle trims and the electrical components.

  • Permanent Duty-free zone for goods in Pereira.
  • Development of mass transit systems: Pereira - megabus.
  • Metalworking.
  • Presence of international bus assembly: BUSSCAR

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Cosmetics and Toiletries

Opportunities in research and development

  • Centers of I&D and industry support: Centro de Bioinformática of Colciencias (in installation). - Centro de Investigación y Estudios en Biodiversidad y Recursos Genéticos CIEBREG.
  • Network of Universities and centers generating I&D  - Cluster of Knowledge in Biotechnology (University, Company and State).

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Business Process Outsourcing BPO

Opportunities in BPO: centers for services shared for Latin America, outsourcing companies that provide services of costumer care, IT, FAO, HRO, telemedicine and I&D.

The intermediate Cities of the Coffee Triangle, with highly qualified individuals, have hosted Spanish companies like Telemark and Emergia producing more than 1.500 positions.

Opportunities in software and services of IT: development and integration of services and applications IT, M&A and factories FOR software, assembly of byline centers.

Great Cluster of technologies for the information and communications industry that allows for the development of software for microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, agrotecnología and mobile applications.

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Hotel Infrastucture and Tourism

Opportunities in vacation and specialzed tourism, congresses, conventions and golf.

The three cities located here are well position to host mid range level events. There are three airports with 240 domestic weekly flights to destinations around the country and direct flights to Panama and The United States.

Beautiful coffee farms, theme and natural parks, adventure sports, holidays and fairs and a relaxed and restful environment accompany the events in this region.

Snowcapped mountains, thermal springs, coffee farms and theme parks.

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Vacation Tourism

History and Culture: Magical Towns. Coffee route

  • Theme parks: PANACA and Parque Nacional del Café.
  • Nature Tourism: Incomparable natural landscapes and Coffee Zone Landscapes designated as Cultural Heritage for Humanity by UNESCO.
  • Birdwatching: Paradise for the birdwatechers with an impressive number of species.
  • Adventure Tourism: The region offers spectacular scenery for adventure tourism.

Incentive travel, congresses, fairs, conventions and golf

Experience the coffee process from cultivation to tasting.

  • Adventure activities: The highest and most extensive canopy network in Colombia.
  • Ride in a traditional Willys jeep from Salento and ascend into the Valle del Cocora.
  • Modern enclosures for medium size events
  • Three 18 hole golf courses, created by Colombian designers.


Investment Map Eje Cafetero - Colombia

The Coffee Triangle: A Region of opportunity (Risaralda, Quindío and Caldas)

Risaralda - Pereira

  • Average weather: 24°C
  • Population in Risaralda 2011: 930,518 inhabitants
  • Population in Pereira 2011: 459,667 inhabitants
  • Risaralda GDP 2010: US$ 4,587.2 million
  • Risaralda GDP per capita 2010: US$ 4,958.50
  • Risaralda Surface Area: 4,140 km2
  • Pereira Surface Area: 702 km2

Caldas - Manizales

  • Average weather: 18°C
  • Population in Caldas 2011: 980,267 inhabitants
  • Population in Manizales 2011: 390,084 inhabitants
  • Caldas GDP 2010: US$ 4,821.1 million
  • Caldas GDP per capita 2010: US$ 4,927.80
  • Caldas Surface Area: 7,888 km2
  • Manizales Surface Area: 477 km2

Quindío - Armenia

  • Average weather: 20°C
  • Population in Quindío 2011: 552.755 inhabitants
  • Population in Armenia 2011: 290.482 inhabitants
  • Quindío GDP 2010: US$ 2,513.3 million
  • Quindío GDP per capita 2010: US$ 4,572.50
  • Quindío Surface Area: 1,845 km2
  • Armenia Surface Area: 115 km2

Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío are the three departments that make up the region referred to as the Coffee Triangle. Here the best and smoothest coffee in the world is grown and for which Colombia has received worldwide recognition.

Located in the Central West section of the Andean region, the three departments host a population of 2,463,540 inhabitants. In addition to the touristic appeal of its beautiful landscapes, the area has developed its vast potential for investment in the automotive sector, agribusiness, cosmetics and hygiene products, hotel and touristic infrastructure, and service outsourcing.

The Matecaña and El Edén international airports are found in the cities of Pereira and Armenia respectively; while the Nubia de Manizales airport receives both domestic and regional flights. The distance between these three cities and the capital city is not longer than a one-hour flight.

Furthermore, the region’s population is indisputably talented: according to the National Ministry of Education, between 2001 and 2010, more than 90,000 students graduated from higher education programs in the region. As a result, the area is highly suitable for investing in service outsourcing.

Reasons To Invest

  • Economic Dynamism: Between 2001 and 2009 the average annual regional PIB growth was almost 10%, whereas in this period, the GDP per capita was more than doubled.
  • There is an excellent availability of human talent: According to the Ministry of Education between 2001 and 2009, over 90,000 graduate students in higher education programs in different areas in the region.
  • Facility to make business: Two of their capital cities, Pereira and Manizales occupied the top two spots in the ranking of the World Bank Doing Business
    The region is considered the first rural destination in Latin America, because of the adaptation of the traditional houses in tourist accommodations, where you can have a unique and wonderful experience
  • With an excellent location and infrastructure: Pereira is a strategic center in Colombia and a vital center of the Triángulo del Café becoming an important driver of national and international events that motivate the economy and generate new options across different sectors.
  • A leader in national competitiveness: According to the report of global competitiveness of the CEPAL in 2009 Risaralda is in the range of high competitiveness occupying the 6 national position.
  • Manizales was named as the Centro de Biotecnología Nacional for Colciencias
  • Quindío has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, attracting both domestic and international visitors, among these it can highlight the Parque del Café, Panaca and the haciendas cafeteras.


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