Opportunities in Caribbean Region for the sector of Petroleum Services

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Exploration, Production, Refining, Transport and Storage (Midstream)

  • Great demand of B&S Oil tankers after the dynamics that turns around the Refinery of Cartagena and in minor measure in the petroleum production.
  • The refinery has an increase projected in its capacity of processing crude oil of 165 thousand BDP.
  • The sector of Petroleum Services have an important expectation of growth, because since Cartagena it is possible to replace the services for the region in sectors of Exploration and Refining (Maintenance).



  • Strength in the production of goods metal - mechanic of great dynamics for the petroleum industry (Pipeline and Tools)
  • Barranquilla is the biggest fourth city of the country, strategically positioned as hub of regional distribution of goods.
  • Also it is one of 10 cities of Latin America with major economic growth.

Opportunities of Investment in Barranquilla, Santa Marta y San Andrés for the Services industry

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Vacation tourism:

  • History and Culture: Historical Center of Santa Marta and Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino
  • Nature Tourism: Parque Tayrona
  • Sun and Beach: Santa Marta and Parque Tayrona
  • Dive: Playas de Taganga

Incentive, Congresses, Conventions and Golf

  • Magic Experiences: Castillo de Salgar in Port Colombia, Lost City, night Walk in Morgan's Galleon
  • 8 Centers of conventions and 1 fairground enclosure. Capacity for more than 10.000 persons
  • Possesses 2 fields of 18 holes

Opportunities of Investment in the Caribbean Region for the agri industry

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  • Support to the industry across CENIPALMA, Investigation and Technological Innovation Center in Palm of Oil, because of the foundation that exists in the Magdalena
  • High Levels of productivity
  • Possibility of investment in the production of Biodiesel


  • Heights between 100 and 800 msnm which turn out to be suitable for Teak, Melina, Ceiba, Acacia and Eucalyptus
  • More that 1,2 million hectares without restrictions for the forest investment and more than 730.000 with minor restrictions

Dairy products

  • High levels of protein and fats
  • Nearness to maritime ports for the export.
  • AFTOSA's free Cattle

Opportunities of Investment in Cartagena de Indias for the Services industry

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Vacation tourism

  • Sun and Beach: Paradisiac Beaches in Isla Barú and Islands of the Rosario
  • History and Culture: walled City and a magic colonial environment with beautiful houses and squares
  • Hotels Boutique: colonial Buildings adapted as luxurious and exclusive hotels
  • Gastronomy: Exclusive restaurants of typical and international food
  • Dive: Rosario's Islands
  • Cruises: Principal position of cruises of Colombia

Incentive, Congresses, Conventions and Golf

  • Magic Experiences: night Walk in a night car around the Historical Center, cross the bay of Cartagena in a ship of ancient architecture. Appreciate the sunset and then go to a famous restaurant
  • 1 great center of conventions, 87 lounges and aptitude to receive more than 15.000 persons.
  • Position 59 in the ICCA ranking
  • A Field of 18 holes that invites the tourist to know the history contained in the walls of Cartagena

Opportunities of Investment in the Caribbean Region for the Automotive industry

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  • Opportunities of assemble of Buses, Trucks and light Vehicles


  • Opportunities in the manufacture of parts for the segments of the interior Trim of vehicles and electrical components


  • Connectivity to the North American market
  • Barranquilla's port: Movement of Load 2010: 4.117.649 Tons - 12 % of the national total. 620 maritime frequencies. Port Multiintention that relies on 2 wharves that allow to handle all kinds of load

Regime of competitive incentives

  • Warehouses Enabled for Transformation or Assemble of autorails and autoparts (DHTE):0 % of duty for the import to any of the Andean countries of the produced or assembled vehicles, as well as of the autoparts and materials produced in the mentioned warehouses
  • Duty-free zones: Barranquilla y La Cayena
  • Development of mass transit systems: Barranquilla – Transmetro


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