Opportunities in Cundinamarca for the sector of Petroleum Services

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Exploration, Goods, Transport and Storage (Midstream)

  • Reservations located in the piedemonte of the central mountain chain.
  • Cundinamarca possesses a potential of production metalmecanic and of industry in general to offer products related to the chain of value. (Packings and Accessories for Pipeline).
  • Its nearness with the Capital makes it propitious to turn into center of operations of B&S, without incurring the expenses caused in being in the own capital.

Bogotá D.C.

  • The city shelters the majority of the companies dedicated to the sector of petroleum services.
  • It possesses one of the labor costs and of offices more competitive of Latin America.
  • It possesses one of the four Facultys of Oil Engineering of the Country.
  • Strategically positioned as national center of operations of services for the whole country and neighboring countries like platform Geo-region.

Opportunities in Cundinamarca for the Sector of Services of Health

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  • Bogotá possesses the major concentration of offer of services of health of the country, and for its tradition, has developed a level of modernization and quality of high competitiveness in the continent.
  • It possesses the major population of the country 8,3 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area.
  • In the last 5 years have graduated 8.555 Doctors and 4.518 Nurses, turning into the region that more professionals reaches to the sector.

Oportunities in the Cundinamarca for the sector of Technologies of the Information and BPO&O

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  • Opportunities for the creation of Centers of Shared Services for Latam
  • Oportunities for Outsourcing companies that provide services of Costumer Care, ESO, FAO, HRO and I+D (Bogotá)

Oportunities in the Cundinamarca for the Sector Software and Services IT

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Software and Services IT

  • Opportunities for the development and integration of Services and IT Applications.
  • Opportunities for M&A and Factories of Software.
  • Opportunities for assembly of Data Centers.

Opportunities of Investment in Bogotá D.C. for the Services industry

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Vacation tourism

  • History and Culture: 45 Museums, Historical center La Candelaria
  • Gastronomy: Incomparable offer of typical and international food
  • Tourism Religious: Santuario de Monserrae, July 20, Catedra de Sal, Circuit of Churches
  • Buy: More than 15 malls with more than 100 stores

Incentive, Congresses, Conventions and Golf

  • Magic Experiences: Museo del Oro, la Laguna Sagrada de Guatavita, Andrés Carne de Res o la Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá. 47 Position on the ICCA Ranking
  • 1 fairground enclosure and 65 centers of conventions and audiences
  • 20 fields of 18 holes located at 30 minutes one of other one, and 5 fields of 9 holes


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