Investment Opportunities in the Coffee- Triangle Region for Agribusiness

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  • The national production of Ethanol exceeds the internal demand.
  • Ethanol production has high production rates in the region.


  • The region, with located in areas between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above sea level (3,280 - 6,560 feet), is perfect for Oaks, Walnuts, Cedars, Eucalyptus and Pine tree plantations.
  • Estimated 54,550 hectares (210 square miles) without restrictions for forest investment.

Opportunities of Investment in the Triángulo del Café for the Automotive industry


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  • Opportunities of assemble of Buses, Trucks and light Vehicles


  • Opportunities in the manufacture of parts for the segments of the interior Trim of vehicles and electrical components


  • Regime of competitive incentives
    • Warehouses Enabled for Transformation or Assemble of autorails and autoparts (DHTE):0 % of duty for the import to any of the Andean countries of the produced or assembled vehicles, as well as of the autoparts and materials produced in the mentioned warehouses
  • Duty-free zones: Pereira
    • Development of mass transit systems: Pereira - megabus
    • Metalmecanic Cluster in functioning

Opportunities of Investment in the Eje Cafetero y Antioquia for the Services industry

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Vacation tourism

  • History and Culture: Magic towns. Coffee route
  • Theme parks: PANACA and National Park of the Coffee
  • Nature Tourism: Incomparable natural scenes and Coffee Landscape designated Cultural Heritage of the Humanity for the UNESCO
  • Observation of birds: Paradise for the observers of birds with an impressive number of species
  • Adventure tourism: The region possesses spectacular scenes for the practice of the adventure

Incentive, Congresses, Conventions and Golf

  • Experience of the process of the coffee from his culture up to his processing
  • Activities of adventure: The highest and extensive canopy of Colombia
  • Go on in Willys for Salento and ascent to the Valle del Cocora
  • Modern enclosures for events of medium size
  • 3 fields of 18 holes, created by Colombian designers

Opportunities of Investment in the Triángulo del Café for the Cosmetics and Toiletries industry

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Research and development

  • I&D Centers as support to the industry: Bioinformatic of Colciencias's Center (in installation). - Center of Investigation and Studies in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources CIEBREG
  • Network of Universities and Centers generating I&D - Clúster of Knowledge in Biotechnology (University, Company and State)

Opportunities of Investment in the Eje Cafetero and Antioquia for the Technologies of the Information and BPO industry

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  • Opportunities for the creation of Centers of Services Shared for Latam
  • Opportunities for Outsourcing's Companies that provide Costumer Care's services, ESO, FAO, HRO, Telemedicina and R&D ( Medellin)
  • Intermediate Cities of the Eje Cafetero, with abundant human qualified resource, have sheltered to Spanish companies like Telemark and Emergia that operate with more than 1.500 positions

Software and TI Services

  • Opportunities for the development and integration of Services and TI Applications
  • Opportunities for M&A and Software Factories
  • Opportunities for assembly of Data Centers
  • Great Cluster of Technologies of the Information and Communications that allows the development of software for microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, agrotechnology and mobile applications. (Medellin, Armenia and Manizales)


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