Opportunities in Huila for the sector of Petroleum Services

hula turismo

Exploration, Production, Refining, Transport and Storage (Midstream)

  • Reservations located in the piedemonte of the central mountain chain.
  • Fifth producer of the country.
  • Strategically positioned as regional center of operations of services for the bordering departments like Caquetá and Valle.
  • It possesses one of the four Facultys of Oil Engineering of the Country located in Neiva.

Opportunities of Investment in Huila for the Services industry

hula turismo 

Vacation tourism

  • History and Culture: Archaeological Tourism in San Agustín and Tierradentro
  • Nature Tourism: Spectacular landscapes and the impressive desert of the Tatacoa


  • Makes part of the center zone of golf, which counts with 5 fields of 18 holes, and one of 9 holes
  • The department possesses a beautiful field of 18 holes in Neiva
  • Easy terrestrial access to the capital of the country


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