Ministries of Colombia

Ministries of Colombia

The Government of Colombia is formed by the following Ministries:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Andrés Valencia Pinzón


Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development

Ricardo José Lozano Picón

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

José Manuel Restrepo Abondano


Ministry of Culture

Carmen Inés Vásquez Camacho

Ministry of National Defense

Guillermo Botero Nieto


Ministry of National Education

María Victoria Angulo González

Ministry of Treasure and Public Credit

Alberto Carrasquilla Barrera


Ministry of Interior

Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez Castañeda

Ministry of Justice and Law

Gloria María Borrero Restrepo


Ministry of Mines and Energy

María Fernanda Suárez Londoño

Ministry of Foreign Relations

Carlos Holmes Trujillo


Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Juan Pablo Uribe Restrepo

Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies

Sylvia Constaín


Ministry of Work

Alicia Arango Olmos

Ministry of Transportation

Ángela María Orozco Gómez


Ministry of Housing and Territory

Jonathan Malagón González


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