Success Stories

  • Sodimac: 2015 - The Chilean chain, marketer of construction materials, hardware and home improvement belonging to Falabella holding, opened its store number 36 in Yopal in October 2015, making an investment of $ 34,200 million.
  • Hampton by Hilton: 2015 - This important upper-class hotel chain, recognized worldwide, opened its doors in 2015. It has a capacity of 100 rooms distributed over eight floors, a business center and a meeting space that can accommodate up to 100 people.
  • Holiday Inn Express: 2015 - This was an investment made by InterContinental Hotels Group, a British company that operates major hotel chains, with more than 5,400 hotels located in 100 countries. This hotel that opened its doors in 2015 has an availability of 89 rooms and a large meeting space.
  • Cinemark: 2015 - This important American cinema chain, owned by Cinemark Holdings Inc., started operations in Casanare in 2015, making an investment of around US $ 4 million, and opening four new movie theaters.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroindustry:
    • Livestock.
    • Rice.
    • African palm.
    • Banana.
    • Cocoa.
  • Hydrocarbons:
    • Gas
    • Petroleum
  • Tourism:
    • Hotel and Tourism Infrastructure.
    • Ecotourism


Casanare - Yopal

  • Average Temperature: 26 °C
  • Casanare Population 2018: 375.258 habitantes
  • Yopal Population 2018: 149.423 habitantes
  • Casanare GDP 2017: USD 4.180 millones
  • Casanare per capita GDP 2017: USD 11.529
  • Casanare Surface Area: 44.460 Km2
  • Yopal Surface Area: 2271 km2

Reasons To Invest

  • Connectivity: The road network of the department has grown significantly and the existing one has been improved. Regarding the road network, the development of the road connecting Sogamoso (Boyacá) with Aguazul, and the Villavicencio-Yopal road corridor, stands out. It also highlights the construction of the new El Alcaraván Airport in Yopal, consolidating itself as the most important of the Orinoquia by mobilizing 400,000 national passengers in 2016.
  • Economy in Growth: For decades Casanare society was based on the traditional extensive livestock farming with low investment in technology and small-scale farms. Casanare is currently one of the main oil producers in Colombia and is the largest producer of rice in the country.
  • Quality of Life: Casanare has economic indicators that show that the quality of life of its inhabitants is excellent, among them, the GDP per capita of US $ 11,529, which is the highest in the country, which has meant that the region has had an accelerated economic growth, and currently has the presence of important commercial areas that provide its inhabitants, making Casanare a benchmark for national competitiveness.
  • Infrastructure for Businesses: Yopal has important spaces for the location of companies, such as industrial parks and large plots of land, as well as areas for the installation of offices with technological infrastructure for the development of its commercial activity. Casanare has highlighted as a strategic territory for the development of agricultural activities, cultivation and always a great variety of products.
  • Potential in Tourism: The department offers important tourist attractions, especially regarding ecotourism. There are places such as ecological parks, rivers and pipes of crystal clear water, museums, and bird watching. Its capital, Yopal, has a wide hotel capacity within that, has the presence of four important hotel chains of international recognition.


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