Zona Franca Surcolombiana

The industrial compound of goods and services, has 52.9 Hectares, for 155 industrial lots, these are located in the municipality of Palermo, only 4.5 km from the capital of Neiva, with the cheapest value of land in square meters from Colombia, ideal to invest and value in the short term and also with all the benefits of the leading franc regime in the South of Colombia, supplying the needs of all types of companies in order to meet the growing demand of both national and international trade and generate savings that allow it to be more competitive.

Has all the infrastructure of public services and security, so that investors have sufficient comforts and guarantees for the development of their productive and commercial activities, in an area with excellent connectivity and exempt conditions of environmental risks.

Zona Franca Surcolombiana was qualified as user operator of free zones by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the DIAN by resolution No. 0013785 of December 23, 2010.

Andrea Bautista
Commercial Manager
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Success Stories

  • EMGESA – ENDESA: (company): energy operator that leads the El Quimbo hydroelectric project. Construction began in 2009. The approximate investment of this project in Huila, executed by the multinational Emgesa-Endesa, amounts to 900 million dollars.
  • Unicentro: The construction company called Neiva the new LTDA, Pedro Gómez y Cía, lead the construction of the Mall called Unicentro Neiva, Unicentro is a nationally recognized brand with a total of 16 Malls around the country. The investment of the project exceeds 150,000 billion pesos.

Reasons To Invest

  • Strategic location: Huila state is strategically located with the interconnection between national and international markets, located in the south-west of Colombia with direct influence on the south of Tolima state, on the west with Cauca state, Caquetá state and Putumayo state. Huila state has capacity competitive and it is projected as the most important state of south of Colombia and its capital Neiva as well, becomes a mandatory step and cardinal point to the exits to the south of the Colombia, connecting with Ecuador country and the hole West of Colombia helping to open the way to Cali city and the Port from Buenaventura city using the highway called (line).
  • Businesses Infrastructure: Huila state has the Free Trade Zone called (Surcolombiana), two industrial parks in Palermo township and an industrial zone in Neiva city, these are covered by the current free regime and municipal exemptions agreements Taxes of the Industry and Commerce Tax, respectively, generating a significant business dynamic in the state. Likewise, the business environment has been strengthened in quality, innovation, industrial property and technological surveillance.
  • Human resource: Huila has a qualified human talent, since it has 20 institutions of higher education, which highlights the Universidad Surcolombiana with one of the best engineering faculties in the country in programs such as: petroleum engineering and faculty of health, they have a large hospital infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and scientific research in cancerology and transplants.
  • Tourism: Huila is recognized by archaeological tourism, of adventure and culture, has two highly attractive destinations worldwide as: the archaeological park of San Agustín and the Desert of La Tatacoa, Huila also has strengths in the tourism of major events, conventions and health programs, located in the city of Neiva.There is the product tourist called "Luxury Huila" luxury rural route, which includes all the state of huila, offering rural experiences with high quality services.
  • Natural Wealth: The state of Huila is rich in natural resources, positioning itself as the first producer of coffee, Granadilla (fruit), Tilapia (fish), Phosphoric Rock and Calcareous Rock, likewise has a good future in production of Cocoa and Aguacate, it has becomes an ideal place to offer and guarantee the raw materials and inputs for the productive transformation in sectors such as: pharmaceutical, food, fertilizers, cosmetics, among others.
  • Connectivity: Broadband: The state of Huila has Fiber Optic networks that improve connectivity, the use of ICT and access to online information systems for quick and timely decision making. Likewise, the government of the esatdo is betting on the massification of the internet and the development of the digital ecosystem..
  • Public Services: The city of Neiva has drinking water and basic sanitation, has coverage of 97.72%, sewerage 98.66% and electric power 99%, which makes it a competitive city in basic services.
  • Departmental Coverage and Accompaniment: The Chamber of Commerce of Neiva, has the most important and most developed services (Pitalito, Garzón and La Plata), which allows access to information for market studies, validation of information, calls and access to new markets, with the support of the Investment Attraction Coordination of the main headquarters in Neiva and in each state.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroalimentos: Coffee, cocoa, fruits, rice, panela cane, avocado and tilapia.
  • Metalworking: Medical complex of Neiva
  • Mining: Roca Fosforica
  • Pharmaceutical: M edicinalCannabis


Huila - Neiva

  • Average Temperature: 28 ° C, Huila state has climates from 0 ° C to 35 ° C
  • State Population 2018: 1,182,944 inhabitants
  • Capital Population 2018: 347,501 inhabitants
  • State GDP 2017: USD 5,548 million
  • State GDP per capita 2017: USD 4,611
  • State Area: 19,890 Km2
  • Capital Area: 1,557 km2


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