Pereira International Free Trade Zone

The International Free Trade Zone of Pereira (ZFIP) is a private organization that facilitates and stimulates foreign trade in the region. It is located in the village of Caimalito, approximately 10 km from Via Pereira la Virginia. It has a total area of 27.3 hectares and has BASC - NTC certifications. Likewise, the ZFIP is strategically located in the region, due to the fact that its facilities are located in the logistic corridor of the department of Risaralda, connecting with the most outstanding road infrastructure works in the country, such as Pacifico 1,2 and 3. It was also enunciated the arrival of the West Train to the Free Zone from the Port of Buenaventura, specifically located on the Colombian Pacific coast.

Pereira International Free Trade Zone offers the following benefits:

  • Income tax of 20% and not of 37% as it is at the national level.
  • VAT exemption for the purchase of inputs purchased in the national market destined to the productive process of the company.
  • 10 years of exemption in the industry and commerce tax.
  • 5 years of exemption in the property tax.

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Success Stories

  • Indra: 2012 – Spanish multinational focused on world leader in the development of integral technological solutions in fields such as Defense and Security; Transportation and Traffic; Energy and Industry; Telecommunications and Media, among others. In Pereira is one of the 5 software factories that has in the world.
  • Veritran: 2014 – Argentine company specialized in the production of software for mobile banking. This company began with an operation of just 3 people in the city and by 2018, they reached more than 80 employees.
  • Florius Flowers: 2018 – Dutch investment company. Its main activity is the export of flowers of high added value to all continents. They established their distribution center to export flowers to North America and Canada.
  • Cartama: 2015 – It is one of the main exporters of Hass Avocado in Colombia. They established their distribution center in Pereira and all exports will be made from our territory.
  • Azcoyen: 2015 – Spanish Enterprise that assemblies vending machines in the International Free Trade Zone in Pereira. All products are distributed from their local facilities to the national, European and Latinoamerican market.
  • 3 Bumen: 2016 – Chinese Investment Company that produces LED bulbs for the colombian market.
  • IML: 2016 – Franco-Canadian company specialized in the production of packaging for the food industry. It has a fully automated plastic injection plant in the city of Pereira and it supplies to the entire national and Latin American market.
  • Unity: 2016 – American multinational creator of a motor platform for video games. Its local facilities is the only one in Latinamerica and it is produces solutions and provide technical support to its clients.
  • Accedo: 2015 – Nicaraguan company that provides contact center service in English. It has an operation of 1,200 positions in Pereira during 2018.
  • Atento: 2015 – Spanish company that offers contact center service to local and international companies. It has an operation that ranges around 2,500 positions during 2018.
  • Pricesmart: 2015 – merican company that belongs to the Costco Wholesale Corporation group. It has its own dry products distribution center in the only store they have in Pereira.
  • ARA: 2015 –A portuguese hard discount. It has more than 400 stores across the country and ARA has located its regional distribution center.

Reasons To Invest

In the heart of Colombia there is a green, coffee and industrial paradise that offers a favorable business climate for the reception of foreign and national investment.

  • Competitive Geoestrategic Location: Pereira has a priviledged location in the Colombian territory. Besides being located in the center of the coffee axis, it is also equidistant from the three main centers of production and consumption in Colombia, such as Bogotá, Medellin and Cali. That is why in a radius of 200km from Pereira you have access to 62% of the national GDP and 56% of the population of Colombia. Furthermore, Pereira is 260 km far from the seaport of Buenaventua, which transports 43% of the national cargo.
  • Connectivity: Pereira has five business logistics centers, an international free trade zone and an International Airport, which recieves 75% of passengers who arrive to the Coffee Axis, a region with 3.5 million of people. This airport has flight connections to Panama, New York and Miami (From December 2018). In 2019, Pereira will have a new Aiport Terminal and it will begin the construction of the Logistic Platform of the Coffee Axis (PLEC) in the municipality of La Virginia during the same year. This platform would be a dry port prioritized by the national government, which would be possible to import and export from the interior of the country. In addition, it will have a railway connection to the port of Buenaventura.
  • Human Talent: Pereira has sixteen (16) certified higher education institutions, which graduate around 9,200 people annually. Technical, technological and professional training are mainly concentrated in the following areas of knowledge: engineering, administration, accounting, foreign trade and logistics. Likewise, the local education institutes are working hard on providing to students a high quality training on foreign languages from early ages. Proof of their progress, Pereira currently has one of the bilingual public schools that exists in Colombia, recognized as a successful experience at the national level.
  • Quality of Life: In 2011, the Risaralda Coffee Cultural Landscape was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage, due to the fact that it has a great biodiversity in wildlife and flora in its territory. Thanks to its traditional villages and low cost of living, Risaralda is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. Moreover, short distances, safety and spring weather make Pereira and Risaralda a pleasant destination to live.
  • Tax Incentives: The 14 municipalities of the state of Risaralda offer some discounts in the local Industry and Commerce tax (ICA). Some municipalities offer some incentives to enterprises that produce goods to export and others. Also, there are tax benefits for any other type of company, depending on the number of jobs generated.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroindustry: coffee, hass avocado, cocoa and pineapple.
  • Metalworking: auto parts, motorcycle parts, electric mobility and the aeronautical industry.
  • Services: software and IT services; creative industries
  • Fashion: Dress Making and Supplies for production
  • Tourism: hotel and touristic infrastructure.
  • Logistics: logistics centers

Investment Map Santa Marta - Magdalena - Colombia


Pereira - Risaralda

  • Average Temperature: 21.2 °C ( 70.16 °F)
  • State Population 2018: 967.767 (Risaralda)
  • Capital Population 2018: 476.636 (Pereira)
  • State GDP 2017: USD 4.86 billones
  • State Per-Capita GDP 2017: USD 5.025
  • State Area: 3.592 Km2
  • Capital Area: 702 km2



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