Investment Opportunities

There is a total of 563 projects in structuring, with an expectation of generation of 16,779.69 MW, in different stages, with conventional and unconventional sources.

  • The National Interconnected System (SIN) connects 48% of the national territory and covers 97% of the population. The non-interconnected zones (ZNI) represent the remaining 52%, a total of 17 departments, 1,441 municipalities and 625 thousand people. Currently these areas produce energy with diesel.
  • Colombia has high potential due to the availability of renewable and alternative energy resources, such as: Sun, wind, biomass, ocean energy and geothermal energy.
  • Projects in renewable energy through the benefits of Law 1715 of 2014, which regulates the integration of non-conventional renewable energies into the national energy system. This law promotes the development and use of unconventional energy resources in the national energy system.
  • (Renewable Energy Law) established a series of tax incentives, tariff incentives and accounting incentives for the generation of energy through non-conventional sources, mainly non-renewable sources. your social media marketing partner


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