These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Dairy industry, we invite you to investigate in detail these and more reasons why Colombia is the destination for your projects.

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There are many regions in the country with a great potential for the Dairy sector such as:

  • Cauca
Colombia is the fourth largest producer of milk in Latin America with an approximate volume of 7,094 million liters in 2017, surpassed only by Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.


  • Colombia has a population of 49 million people and a per capita consumption of 145 liters per inhabitant, three times the average of developed countries (44 liters / inhabitant).
  • Colombia has more than 3 billion liters of fresh milk available for the dairy processing of new industries and supports 700,000 direct jobs which allow positioning the industry as one of the main pillars of the national economy.
  • Colombian milk is recognized for its quality, since it has higher protein and fat levels than important producing countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.
  • Colombian dairy products are admissible in 14 markets, where the United States, Canada, Chile, Japan, and Mexico stand out.
  • Colombia offers several incentives that can benefit the processing of dairy products in Colombia: (i) Free Trade Zone System, which includes a special scheme for milk products, (ii) incentives for formalizing business, (iii) incentives job creation.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Make Greenfield investments or strategic alliances with Colombian companies or dairy cooperatives, for the construction of chilling, pasteurizing or milk spraying plants, which allow local producers to properly conserve the raw material and thus supply the large dairy industries.
  • Establish partnerships with local partners for the production of dairy products such as milk powder, cheese and yogurt.
  • Develop Greenfield investments in the development of certified businesses such as organic and environmentally friendly products, since they are increasingly important both in the Colombian market and in the world.


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