These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Beef industry, we invite you to investigate in detail these and more reasons why Colombia is the destination for your projects.

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Success Stories

Important Corporations Have Chosen Colombia to Conduct Their Business Operations:

  • Cargill: invests in acquisition and capitalization of Pollos Bucanero.
    The US-based multinational, which had sold in the Colombian retail market in 2017, decided to enter the poultry market through the acquisition of Pollos Bucanero in Valle del Cauca. It is estimated that the investment was greater than US $50 million.

Investment Opportunities

  • Strategic alliances with local partners in improving the cold chain from cold stores to supply chains and final destinations.
  • Develop Greenfield projects and / or alliances with local partners to manufacture of products derived from bovine animals, such as fertilizers, leather industry, among others.
  • Invest in improving cold stores near the production site to obtain eligibility and high standards of quality in international markets.
  • Establish productive partnerships with local partners to develop and increase production of processed meats industry.


There are many regions in the country with a great potential for the Beef sector such as:

  • Casanare
Colombia has the fourth largest cattle herd in Latin America with over 23.4 million cattle. The country has a privileged geographical location that allows to feed the cattle with pasture throughout the year, without the use of hormones or promoters of growth and respecting the natural cycle of development and fattening of the animal.
  • Colombian cattle have recognized breeds such as the Colombian Brahman and Zebu, famous for having some of the best genetic quality in the world.
  • The cattle stock and livestock genetics are the support of the potential of Colombian beef. The livestock herd in Colombia is concentrated in the regions of: Antioquia (11.7%), Córdoba (8.7%), Casanare (7.9%), Meta (7.4%) and Caquetá (6.3%).
  • The Colombian cattle is 100% pasture fed, during the last three decades there have been important advances in bovine and porcine genetic, which is a determining factor in the quality of the meat.
  • Colombia's health status has allowed Colombian beef to reach markets such as Russia, Egypt, Angola, Peru, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Chile. The supply is represented of beef carcass, refrigerated, frozen boneless and vacuum-packed beef.
  • In 2017 Colombian beef exports reached 15 destinations around the world. The following stand out: Jordan, with exports of USD 21.7 million, Lebanon, with exports of USD 17.1 million and Russia, with exports of USD 11.9 million.

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