Success Stories

  • Yara Internacional: Yara International is a Norwegian multinational company in the chemical industry. One of its production plants is located in Barranquilla, covering national and international markets from this city.
  • Dupont: Dupont is a multinational company funded by American investors and one of its first production plants; founded in Barranquilla 45 years ago.
  • Bayer: Bayer is a German multinational company from the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. The company serves the Colombian market and several other South American countries.
  • Mincom: Mincom is a multinational company and a world leader in IT solutions for fixed asset management.
  • Manpower: Manpower is an American multinational with a wide experience in the field of recruitment, assessment, outsourcing, consultancy and training services.
  • Holcim: Holcim is a Swiss-based global company and one of the largest cement producers in the world. Holcim has a concrete production plant in the Atlántico Department.
  • Arcelor Mittal: Arcelor Mittal is a French company in the iron and steel sector. This company has a service center in Barranquilla covering steel product sales for Colombia and the Andean market.
  • Gecolsa: this American company is one of the most important providers of construction machinery and mining equipment, diesel engines and industrial gas turbines.
  • Sonesta: Sonesta opened its first hotel in Barranquilla in 2010 with an estimated investment of USD 14 million. Its operation has been handed over to the GHL Hoteles group.
  • Sutherland: this Indian BPO company chose Barranquilla in which to establish its Latin American headquarters.

Potential Sectors



  • Altitudes ranging from between 100 and 800 meters (328 - 2,625 feet) AMSL, which are suitable for the cultivation of teak, beechwood, ceiba, acacia and eucalyptus.
  • More than 35,500 hectares (137 square miles) for unrestricted forestry investment, and more than 40,000 hectares (154 square miles) with minor restrictions located in municipalities close to the Magdalena river.

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Dairy Products

  • High levels of protein and fats.
  • Proximity to maritime ports for exportations.
  • Foot-and-mouth disease-free cattle.


Shrimp Farming

  • 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) on the Caribbean coast that allow for the possibility of developing environmentally-friendly projects in areas such as mangrove swamps and sea inlets.
  • The Shrimp Industry in Colombia has a world-class production rate superior to that of Ecuador, the main Latin American shrimp producer. In the case of semi-intensive farming, the production rate is 6,000 kg/ha/year (5,353 pounds/acre/year) and the average survival rate is higher than 66%. For intensive farming, the production rate is 3.788 kg/ha/year (3,380 pounds/acre/year).
  • Per capita shrimp consumption in Colombia has increased 2,000% since mid 1995, in contrast to the average 47% world increase.

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Automotive Industry

Opportunities in the assembly of buses, trucks and light vehicles and autoparts - the manufacture of parts for electrical components and the interior of vehicles.

  • Connected to the North American market: Barranquilla's Seaport. 2010 cargo flow: 4,117,649 tons - 12% of the national total. 620 maritime export frequencies. Multipurpose port with 2 wharves that allow handling of all types of cargo.
  • Barranquilla and La Cayena duty-free zones.
  • Mass transit system: Barranquilla - Transmetro.
  • Presence of world-class auto part companies such as Saint Gobain.

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Cosmetics and Toiletries

Business Opportunities in Distribution Centers

  • Strategic geographic location - Excellent export logistics on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Barranquilla Seaport (Atlantic Ocean) - 2010 cargo flow: 4,117,649 tons - 12% of the nation's total. 620 maritime export frequencies. Multipurpose port with 2 wharves that allow for all types of cargo handling..
  • Duty-free Zones: 2 permanent duty-free zones.

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Hotel Infrastucture and Tourism

  • Business opportunities in the fields of vacation and business tourism: incentive travel, congresses, fairs, conventions and golf.
  • The Colombian Caribbean region is a perfectly situated destination for holding world-class events. Extensive convention centers surrounded by spectacular landscapes.

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Tourist Attractions in Barranquilla

  • Barranquilla's Carnival: Cultural Heritage of humanity.


Incentive travel, congresses, fairs, conventions and golf

  • Unforgettable family experiences: Salgar Castle in Puerto Colombia.
  • Convention centers and 1 fair venue. Capacity to accommodate over 10,000 people.
  • There are two 18-hole golf fields.


Investment Map Sucre - Sincelejo - Colombia


Atlantico - Barranquilla: Port and industrial center

  • Average temperature: 23°C
  • Population in the Atlantico region 2011: 2.344.077 inhabitants
  • Population in Barranquilla 2011: 1.193.667 inhabitants
  • Atlantico GDP 2010: US$ 12,546.1 million
  • Atlantico GDP per capita 2010: US$ 5,420.70
  • Atlantico Region Surface Area: 3,388 km2
  • Barranquilla Surface Area: 166 km2

Barranquilla - or “Colombia’s Golden Gate Way” - has a privileged location on the banks of the Magdalena river, Colombia’s main river flowing out to the Caribbean Sea from the country's interior. One of the most important and active ports in the country is also situated here, only a three-day maritime journey from New York.

The area's transportation system includes the Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport as well as an excellent road network that connects it to all of the country’s departments.

The economy is diverse and quite strong in the metal-mechanics, logistics, energy, and business services sectors, amongst others.

Having served as a port of entry for immigrants throughout its history, the region’s ethnic diversity is a unique feature.

Barranquilla has one of the most important carnivals in Latin America. This celebration has even been declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO. This colorful and popular event attracts large numbers of visitors from all over the world.

Reasons To Invest

Strategic Location: strategically located on the Caribbean sea, only a 2.5 hour flight from the United States and an hour away from Panama City.

Port Infrastructure: the region has more than 25 maritime, fluvial and air ports that allow for the transportation of all cargo types through different connection routes with the rest of the country and the world. Additionally, Barranquilla has a big potential for private terminal construction in areas surrounding the port.

Human Resources: there are more than 20 schools for technical, professional and specialized training, providing highly qualified talent.

Places for Business: considerable office space availability, shopping malls and more than 500 hectares (1,235 acres) reserved for industrial parks, including 3 duty-free zones with all the necessary technology at excellent prices.

Quality of life: the region provides high quality health services, broad educational diversity, bilingual schools, country clubs with all kinds of sporting facilities such as golf and watersports.


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