Investment Opportunities in Ibagué - Tolima

Investment Map Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia


  • Average temperature: 32 °C
  • Department population 2018: 1,4 millions of habitants
  • Capital population 2018: 553,526 of habitants
  • GDP Department 2017: USD millons
  • GDP Department 2017: USD 5,254
  • Department area: 23.562 Km2
  • Capital area: 1.498 km2
  • Strategic location: Tolima's department has an important geographic position in the center of the country, has the access and connectivity to the principal land ways as "Troncal de occidente", "Troncal del Magdalena", Buenaventura's and Bogota´s highway. It's considerate as a strategic distribution point of the merchandise that companies are going to export from Colombia to the world.
  • Logistic costs: The department has a competitive advantage in logistic costs, taking into account, freight reporting of the Colombian cities to the Pacific and Atlantic ports, similarly, the minimum distance between Ibagué and Bogotá, the capital city of the country, contribute to pay economic freights, making Ibagué more competitive with one of the lowest transport prices.
  • Incentives: There's a strong public investment from the government through the exemption of some taxes related to industry and commerce even for ten years and five years in the property tax according to (001 agreement of March 10, 2009 by the municipal council of Ibagué)
  • Human Resource: Tolima's department has a qualified human talent due to the 24 High Level Institutes including well known Universities with a lot of trajectory.
  • Business climate: Tolima's department has the support from the authorities to receive national and foreign investment, for that reason, the government has been doing a very important investment in road and living infrastructure, looking for a higher income and improving life quality of its habitants, and one goal it's to start running the special economic zone of Ibagué.
  • Life quality: Tolima's department has a diversity of high quality service offerings in health, education and public services in competitive prices. Also, it has a very important offer of restaurants, hotels, cultural and outdoor activities as well as low real estate prices.
  • Manufacturing: Textil clothing, shoes, mining.
  • Agricultural: Hass avocado, rice, cocoa, fruits and vegetables, arracacha and beans.
  • Services: BPO, KPO, Software and technology services, Transport and logistics, Hotel and turistic infraestructure.
  • McDonald's: 2017 - The principal fast food chain around the world with more than 30.000 stores, distributed in more than 100 countries, has identify Tolima's capital city to open its first store in the department with a 250 meters local placed in La Estación mall believing in the potential of the city.
  • Subway: 2014 - This American food chain has more than 170 franchises in Colombia, two of them are located in Ibagué and they're going to open two more in strategic points of the city, trusting in the good economic conditions that support the developing of new business ideas.
  • Cine Colombia: 2014 - This company was born in Medellin and has more than 87 years of market experience, having new cinemas in the capital cities of the country, Cine Colombia arrives to Ibagué in 2014 with six movie rooms and since then, they had a positive relation with the citizens.

Ibague´s Free Economic Zone

Ibague's free economic zone, was built with the high quality standards in infrastructure, security and logistics facilities looking for a balance between industry and environment.
In the 23 hectares available are built 52 batches, with areas starting from 1.490 m2 and with the possibility of personalization according to the needing of our customers.
Batches and Groceries

We have:

  • Selling and leasing of urbanized batches from 1.490 m2
  • Selling and leasing of groceries from 1.120 m2.
  • Networks and public services.
  • Electric underground network available to deal with 13.200 watts ensuring its stability and its security offering the energy service.
  • Led illumination.
  • Electric substation.
  • Internet and voice connection by fiber.
  • Protected for fire emergencies.
  • Clean water treatment plant.
  • Dirty water treatment plant.
  • Natural gas network.


  • Private monitoring service with closed television signal 7x24x365.
  • Closed area.
  • Visitors control to carry, workers and other type of users connected to the security system.

Road ways, parkways, and entrance.

  • Independent access to cargo vehicles, cars and pedestrians.
  • Driveways to heavy traffic of 17 meters.
  • External parkways for cargo vehicles (pre access process)
  • 1 parkway for visitors each 75 m2 of office and one more for each 500m2 of grocery.
  • Parking area to visitors and workers.
  • Large green areas and reforestation with native species.
  • Internal transport around the zone.

Other services

  • DIAN offices inside the free economic zone.
  • Administrative building.
  • Inspection merchandise areas.
  • Business center designed for offices.
  • Stores, Banks, restaurants, pharmacies, paper stores and many others.
  • Stock management through PicizWeb software (Integral software of informatics control of free economic zones)


Claudia Penagos Barajas
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Investment Opportunities in Pereira - Risaralda

Investment Map Santa Marta - Magdalena - Colombia


Pereira - Risaralda

  • Average Temperature: 21.2 °C ( 70.16 °F)
  • State Population 2018: 967.767 (Risaralda)
  • Capital Population 2018: 476.636 (Pereira)
  • State GDP 2017: USD 4.86 billones
  • State Per-Capita GDP 2017: USD 5.025
  • State Area: 3.592 Km2
  • Capital Area: 702 km2


Reasons To Invest

In the heart of Colombia there is a green, coffee and industrial paradise that offers a favorable business climate for the reception of foreign and national investment.

  • Competitive Geoestrategic Location: Pereira has a priviledged location in the Colombian territory. Besides being located in the center of the coffee axis, it is also equidistant from the three main centers of production and consumption in Colombia, such as Bogotá, Medellin and Cali. That is why in a radius of 200km from Pereira you have access to 62% of the national GDP and 56% of the population of Colombia. Furthermore, Pereira is 260 km far from the seaport of Buenaventua, which transports 43% of the national cargo.
  • Connectivity: Pereira has five business logistics centers, an international free trade zone and an International Airport, which recieves 75% of passengers who arrive to the Coffee Axis, a region with 3.5 million of people. This airport has flight connections to Panama, New York and Miami (From December 2018). In 2019, Pereira will have a new Aiport Terminal and it will begin the construction of the Logistic Platform of the Coffee Axis (PLEC) in the municipality of La Virginia during the same year. This platform would be a dry port prioritized by the national government, which would be possible to import and export from the interior of the country. In addition, it will have a railway connection to the port of Buenaventura.
  • Human Talent: Pereira has sixteen (16) certified higher education institutions, which graduate around 9,200 people annually. Technical, technological and professional training are mainly concentrated in the following areas of knowledge: engineering, administration, accounting, foreign trade and logistics. Likewise, the local education institutes are working hard on providing to students a high quality training on foreign languages from early ages. Proof of their progress, Pereira currently has one of the bilingual public schools that exists in Colombia, recognized as a successful experience at the national level.
  • Quality of Life: In 2011, the Risaralda Coffee Cultural Landscape was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage, due to the fact that it has a great biodiversity in wildlife and flora in its territory. Thanks to its traditional villages and low cost of living, Risaralda is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. Moreover, short distances, safety and spring weather make Pereira and Risaralda a pleasant destination to live.
  • Tax Incentives: The 14 municipalities of the state of Risaralda offer some discounts in the local Industry and Commerce tax (ICA). Some municipalities offer some incentives to enterprises that produce goods to export and others. Also, there are tax benefits for any other type of company, depending on the number of jobs generated.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroindustry: coffee, hass avocado, cocoa and pineapple.
  • Metalworking: auto parts, motorcycle parts, electric mobility and the aeronautical industry.
  • Services: software and IT services; creative industries
  • Fashion: Dress Making and Supplies for production
  • Tourism: hotel and touristic infrastructure.
  • Logistics: logistics centers

Success Stories

  • Indra: 2012 – Spanish multinational focused on world leader in the development of integral technological solutions in fields such as Defense and Security; Transportation and Traffic; Energy and Industry; Telecommunications and Media, among others. In Pereira is one of the 5 software factories that has in the world.
  • Veritran: 2014 – Argentine company specialized in the production of software for mobile banking. This company began with an operation of just 3 people in the city and by 2018, they reached more than 80 employees.
  • Florius Flowers: 2018 – Dutch investment company. Its main activity is the export of flowers of high added value to all continents. They established their distribution center to export flowers to North America and Canada.
  • Cartama: 2015 – It is one of the main exporters of Hass Avocado in Colombia. They established their distribution center in Pereira and all exports will be made from our territory.
  • Azcoyen: 2015 – Spanish Enterprise that assemblies vending machines in the International Free Trade Zone in Pereira. All products are distributed from their local facilities to the national, European and Latinoamerican market.
  • 3 Bumen: 2016 – Chinese Investment Company that produces LED bulbs for the colombian market.
  • IML: 2016 – Franco-Canadian company specialized in the production of packaging for the food industry. It has a fully automated plastic injection plant in the city of Pereira and it supplies to the entire national and Latin American market.
  • Unity: 2016 – American multinational creator of a motor platform for video games. Its local facilities is the only one in Latinamerica and it is produces solutions and provide technical support to its clients.
  • Accedo: 2015 – Nicaraguan company that provides contact center service in English. It has an operation of 1,200 positions in Pereira during 2018.
  • Atento: 2015 – Spanish company that offers contact center service to local and international companies. It has an operation that ranges around 2,500 positions during 2018.
  • Pricesmart: 2015 – merican company that belongs to the Costco Wholesale Corporation group. It has its own dry products distribution center in the only store they have in Pereira.
  • ARA: 2015 –A portuguese hard discount. It has more than 400 stores across the country and ARA has located its regional distribution center.

Pereira International Free Trade Zone

The International Free Trade Zone of Pereira (ZFIP) is a private organization that facilitates and stimulates foreign trade in the region. It is located in the village of Caimalito, approximately 10 km from Via Pereira la Virginia. It has a total area of 27.3 hectares and has BASC - NTC certifications. Likewise, the ZFIP is strategically located in the region, due to the fact that its facilities are located in the logistic corridor of the department of Risaralda, connecting with the most outstanding road infrastructure works in the country, such as Pacifico 1,2 and 3. It was also enunciated the arrival of the West Train to the Free Zone from the Port of Buenaventura, specifically located on the Colombian Pacific coast.

Pereira International Free Trade Zone offers the following benefits:

  • Income tax of 20% and not of 37% as it is at the national level.
  • VAT exemption for the purchase of inputs purchased in the national market destined to the productive process of the company.
  • 10 years of exemption in the industry and commerce tax.
  • 5 years of exemption in the property tax.

Elizabeth García
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Laura Melissa Álvarez
Commercial Manager
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+57 (6) 334 30 00
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+57 (4) 316 35 46


Investment Opportunities in Huila - Neiva


Huila - Neiva

  • Average Temperature: 28 ° C, Huila state has climates from 0 ° C to 35 ° C
  • State Population 2018: 1,182,944 inhabitants
  • Capital Population 2018: 347,501 inhabitants
  • State GDP 2017: USD 5,548 million
  • State GDP per capita 2017: USD 4,611
  • State Area: 19,890 Km2
  • Capital Area: 1,557 km2

Reasons To Invest

  • Strategic location: Huila state is strategically located with the interconnection between national and international markets, located in the south-west of Colombia with direct influence on the south of Tolima state, on the west with Cauca state, Caquetá state and Putumayo state. Huila state has capacity competitive and it is projected as the most important state of south of Colombia and its capital Neiva as well, becomes a mandatory step and cardinal point to the exits to the south of the Colombia, connecting with Ecuador country and the hole West of Colombia helping to open the way to Cali city and the Port from Buenaventura city using the highway called (line).
  • Businesses Infrastructure: Huila state has the Free Trade Zone called (Surcolombiana), two industrial parks in Palermo township and an industrial zone in Neiva city, these are covered by the current free regime and municipal exemptions agreements Taxes of the Industry and Commerce Tax, respectively, generating a significant business dynamic in the state. Likewise, the business environment has been strengthened in quality, innovation, industrial property and technological surveillance.
  • Human resource: Huila has a qualified human talent, since it has 20 institutions of higher education, which highlights the Universidad Surcolombiana with one of the best engineering faculties in the country in programs such as: petroleum engineering and faculty of health, they have a large hospital infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and scientific research in cancerology and transplants.
  • Tourism: Huila is recognized by archaeological tourism, of adventure and culture, has two highly attractive destinations worldwide as: the archaeological park of San Agustín and the Desert of La Tatacoa, Huila also has strengths in the tourism of major events, conventions and health programs, located in the city of Neiva.There is the product tourist called "Luxury Huila" luxury rural route, which includes all the state of huila, offering rural experiences with high quality services.
  • Natural Wealth: The state of Huila is rich in natural resources, positioning itself as the first producer of coffee, Granadilla (fruit), Tilapia (fish), Phosphoric Rock and Calcareous Rock, likewise has a good future in production of Cocoa and Aguacate, it has becomes an ideal place to offer and guarantee the raw materials and inputs for the productive transformation in sectors such as: pharmaceutical, food, fertilizers, cosmetics, among others.
  • Connectivity: Broadband: The state of Huila has Fiber Optic networks that improve connectivity, the use of ICT and access to online information systems for quick and timely decision making. Likewise, the government of the esatdo is betting on the massification of the internet and the development of the digital ecosystem..
  • Public Services: The city of Neiva has drinking water and basic sanitation, has coverage of 97.72%, sewerage 98.66% and electric power 99%, which makes it a competitive city in basic services.
  • Departmental Coverage and Accompaniment: The Chamber of Commerce of Neiva, has the most important and most developed services (Pitalito, Garzón and La Plata), which allows access to information for market studies, validation of information, calls and access to new markets, with the support of the Investment Attraction Coordination of the main headquarters in Neiva and in each state.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroalimentos: Coffee, cocoa, fruits, rice, panela cane, avocado and tilapia.
  • Metalworking: Medical complex of Neiva
  • Mining: Roca Fosforica
  • Pharmaceutical: M edicinalCannabis

Success Stories

  • EMGESA – ENDESA: (company): energy operator that leads the El Quimbo hydroelectric project. Construction began in 2009. The approximate investment of this project in Huila, executed by the multinational Emgesa-Endesa, amounts to 900 million dollars.
  • Unicentro: The construction company called Neiva the new LTDA, Pedro Gómez y Cía, lead the construction of the Mall called Unicentro Neiva, Unicentro is a nationally recognized brand with a total of 16 Malls around the country. The investment of the project exceeds 150,000 billion pesos.

Zona Franca Surcolombiana

The industrial compound of goods and services, has 52.9 Hectares, for 155 industrial lots, these are located in the municipality of Palermo, only 4.5 km from the capital of Neiva, with the cheapest value of land in square meters from Colombia, ideal to invest and value in the short term and also with all the benefits of the leading franc regime in the South of Colombia, supplying the needs of all types of companies in order to meet the growing demand of both national and international trade and generate savings that allow it to be more competitive.

Has all the infrastructure of public services and security, so that investors have sufficient comforts and guarantees for the development of their productive and commercial activities, in an area with excellent connectivity and exempt conditions of environmental risks.

Zona Franca Surcolombiana was qualified as user operator of free zones by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the DIAN by resolution No. 0013785 of December 23, 2010.

Andrea Bautista
Commercial Manager
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+57 (8) 863 24 95
+57 (8) 863 24 93

Investment Opportunities in Armenia - Quindio


Armenia - Quindio

  • Average weather: 18 °C – 28°C
  • Population in Quindio 2018: 575.010 inhabitants
  • Population in Armenia 2018: 301.224 inhabitants
  • Quindio GDP 2017: USD $2.969 millon
  • Quindio GDP per capita 2017: USD$5.627
  • Quindio Surface Area: 1.845 Km2
  • Armenia Surface Area: 250 Km2


Reasons To Invest

  • Region committed to national competitiveness: According to the Índice de Competitividad de Ciudades 2018, Armenia, capital of the department, is the city No. 1 with the lowest tax burden for companies, No. 1 in number of tax payments per year and No. 2 with greater facilities for open a company. Also, the Doing Business report of the World Bank, places Armenia in the Top 10 of the cities of Colombia where it is easier to do business.
  • Qualified human capital: Armenia has 33 educational institutions, 325 academic programs and around 41,000 active students who are available labor force for productive projects. 80% of the inhabitants are concentrated in 5 municipalities.
  • Connection axis of Colombia: Quindio is the epicenter of the Golden Triangle of Colombia, which concentrates the productive activity of the country. In addition, to be the strategic step of 40% of the load that goes between the West and the Center of Colombia. Quindio is the No. 1 department in paved primary road networks in Colombia and has the Line Tunnel that connects with the Colombian capital in 4 hours.
  • Tax incentives: Quindío offers tax and non-tax incentives that in the case of Armenia include up to 100% exemption for 10 years for the new industry, in Industry and Commerce taxes, Notices and Boards and Unified Property, by generation of employment.
  • ZOMAC zones: Pijao, Genova and Salento are the 3 municipalities ZOMAC (Areas Most Affected by the Armed Conflict) in Quindío, in which tax benefits are established for new companies that develop their economic activity in those areas. The main benefit consists of a progressive rate of income tax, for a period of 10 years from 2017, which varies depending on the size of the company.
  • Quality of life: According to the Índice Departamental de Competitividad de Colombia 2017, Quindío occupies the second and fourth place in service coverage of aqueduct and electric power, respectively. It offers an average transit time of 17 minutes within the city of Armenia and 80 minutes to the most distant municipality of the capital of the department.

Potential Sectors

  • Agroindustry:
    • Horticultural sector
    • Coffee
    • Processed foods
  • Services:
    • Outsourcing of BPO and KPO Services
    • Shared services Center
    • Software and IT Services
    • Consulting services specialized in IT
    • Hotel and Tourism Infrastructure
    • Entertainment services
    • Restaurant services, wellness centers
    • Logistics infrastructure

Success Stories

  • Camposol: 2018 – The Peruvian company Camposol, characterized by offering fresh, healthy and high quality food to consumers around the world in fourteen supermarket chains in North America, Europe and Asia, chose Colombia as an investment destination. Salento, Quindío was one of the municipalities selected for the expansion of markets, specifically the avocado, where the company expects to expand its export offer throughout the year. The goal of the Peruvian company will be to produce 40,000 MT of avocado in Colombian territory by the year 2025.
  • Artisan Tropic: 2017 – American company dedicated to the processing of healthy foods, specifically plantain and cassava for the production of 100% export snacks to the US market and, possibly, in the future to the European market, decided to install its production plant in the municipality of La Tebaida, Quindío.
  • Digitex: 2016 – Spanish multinational that opened its operations in Armenia, providing telephone and technical support services for customers and users of Telefónica Chile, generating around 800 jobs.

Quindio Free Trade Zone

Quindío Zona Franca (QZF) is an important part of the logistics platform that drives the internationalization of the Coffee Region, dynamically incorporating key factors of competitiveness, such as: location, infrastructure, tax incentives, access to national and international markets, security, costs, strong support and support for customs operations, among others associated with foreign trade.
It is a permanent free trade zone, which has Industrial Users of Goods and Services, Industrial Users of Services and Commercial Users.

  • Strategically located in the Tebaida, Quindio
  • 1,600 meters far away from El Edén International Airport.
  • It has infrastructure for the installation of manufacturing and service companies.
  • Adjacent to the Pacific railway station.
  • It has specialized logistics users.
  • Free regime incentives apply: 20% rent.
  • No payment of duty and VAT for goods and equipment that remain in the free zone.
  • Local Incentives Industry and Commerce + Unified Property up to 95% discount according to employment generation.
  • Permitted up to 40% of partial processing outside the Free Zone.

Andrés Vásquez
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+57 (6) 731 26 26

Investment Opportunities in Manizales - Caldas


Manizales - Caldas

  • Average Temperature: 22 ° C
  • Population Department 2018: 991,860 inhabitants
  • Population of the Capital 2018: 419,000 inhabitants
  • GDP Department 2017: USD $ 8,860 million
  • GDP per capita Department 2017: USD 8,932
  • Department Area: 7,888 Km2
  • Capital Area: 572 km2

Reasons To Invest

  • First place in ease of doing business: Manizales in the last three studies of Doing Business has turned out to be the city of Colombia where it is easier to do business, standing out in "Property Registry", "Tax Payment", "Permit Management of construction "and" Opening of a business ".
  • First place in quality of life: Manizales, is considered the first city with the best quality of life in Colombia. It has one of the lowest rates of poverty and economic inequality at the national level and with the best perception of security in the country.
  • Strategic location: Caldas located in the center of the "Golden Triangle" in the middle of the main production centers of the country Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, where 78% of the national GDP is generated and 55% of the population is concentrated, offering thus, the best possibilities of access to national and international markets.
  • Extraordinary human talent: Human talent for those who seek competitiveness. We are prepared, kind, receptive and willing to accept any challenge. We have: 4 universities accredited in high quality by the Ministry of Education of Colombia, 57 undergraduate programs under this same accreditation, concentrating in this way 67% of the accredited universities of the Coffee Region.
  • Business climate: We are a region known as one of the best to settle in Colombia and the right option to invest and grow in the country. We have the 4th place in the competitiveness index, measured by the Private Competitiveness Council, standing out in the components of Institutions, Higher Education and Market Access. Additionally, according to the National Planning Department, we are ranked 6th in the Innovation Index nationwide, standing out in human capital, research and creative production.

Potential Sectors

  • Services: Outsourcing of BPO Services; Software and IT Services; Hotel and Tourism Infrastructure.
  • Agroindustry: Avocado; Citrus fruits (Tahiti lemon); Special coffees.
  • Infrastructure: Energy projects; Region and city projects; Real estate projects.

Success Stories

  • Dentix: 2015 - Dentix is the largest network of dental clinics in the world. A company that does not have franchise management, and that has about 120 establishments in Europe. It opens a clinic in Manizales in 2015, with an approximate investment of USD 1 million, generating 30 jobs in this sector.
  • MABE: 1972 - Mexican company and the largest manufacturer of white goods in the Americas.
  • Digitex: 2014 - Spanish multinational, has focused on providing services for large companies in the telecommunications, electrical and banking sectors. Traditional telephone service and new BPO services. Generator of 4 thousand jobs approximately.
  • Riduco S.A.: 1969 – Company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of injected and extracted plastic products. With the inter-institutional alliance between Render (Spanish company) and Riduco, this organization was strengthened as the only company in Colombia and in the Andean area with the capacity to produce luminaires for motorcycle assemblers.
  • New Shore Global Services: 2011 - Spanish company dedicated to the development of software that has 89 employees.
  • Bellota Colombia S.A.: 1987 - Spanish company dedicated to providing hand tools, solutions and components to customers and users in the construction, agriculture and gardening sectors.
  • CAFEXPORT S.A.R.L.: 2009 - Swiss international corporation dedicated to the commercialization of a broad portfolio of coffee products.
  • Manisol S.A. (BATA): 1968 - It was born as an initiative of the company BATA SHOE ORGANIZATION, as a source of regional development for this area of the country.

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