• McDonald's: 2017 - The principal fast food chain around the world with more than 30.000 stores, distributed in more than 100 countries, has identify Tolima's capital city to open its first store in the department with a 250 meters local placed in La Estación mall believing in the potential of the city.
  • Subway: 2014 - This American food chain has more than 170 franchises in Colombia, two of them are located in Ibagué and they're going to open two more in strategic points of the city, trusting in the good economic conditions that support the developing of new business ideas.
  • Cine Colombia: 2014 - This company was born in Medellin and has more than 87 years of market experience, having new cinemas in the capital cities of the country, Cine Colombia arrives to Ibagué in 2014 with six movie rooms and since then, they had a positive relation with the citizens.
  • Manufacturing: Textil clothing, shoes, mining.
  • Agricultural: Hass avocado, rice, cocoa, fruits and vegetables, arracacha and beans.
  • Services: BPO, KPO, Software and technology services, Transport and logistics, Hotel and turistic infraestructure.

Investment Map Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia


  • Average temperature: 32 °C
  • Department population 2018: 1,4 millions of habitants
  • Capital population 2018: 553,526 of habitants
  • GDP Department 2017: USD millons
  • GDP Department 2017: USD 5,254
  • Department area: 23.562 Km2
  • Capital area: 1.498 km2
  • Strategic location: Tolima's department has an important geographic position in the center of the country, has the access and connectivity to the principal land ways as "Troncal de occidente", "Troncal del Magdalena", Buenaventura's and Bogota´s highway. It's considerate as a strategic distribution point of the merchandise that companies are going to export from Colombia to the world.
  • Logistic costs: The department has a competitive advantage in logistic costs, taking into account, freight reporting of the Colombian cities to the Pacific and Atlantic ports, similarly, the minimum distance between Ibagué and Bogotá, the capital city of the country, contribute to pay economic freights, making Ibagué more competitive with one of the lowest transport prices.
  • Incentives: There's a strong public investment from the government through the exemption of some taxes related to industry and commerce even for ten years and five years in the property tax according to (001 agreement of March 10, 2009 by the municipal council of Ibagué)
  • Human Resource: Tolima's department has a qualified human talent due to the 24 High Level Institutes including well known Universities with a lot of trajectory.
  • Business climate: Tolima's department has the support from the authorities to receive national and foreign investment, for that reason, the government has been doing a very important investment in road and living infrastructure, looking for a higher income and improving life quality of its habitants, and one goal it's to start running the special economic zone of Ibagué.
  • Life quality: Tolima's department has a diversity of high quality service offerings in health, education and public services in competitive prices. Also, it has a very important offer of restaurants, hotels, cultural and outdoor activities as well as low real estate prices.

Ibague´s Free Economic Zone

Ibague's free economic zone, was built with the high quality standards in infrastructure, security and logistics facilities looking for a balance between industry and environment.
In the 23 hectares available are built 52 batches, with areas starting from 1.490 m2 and with the possibility of personalization according to the needing of our customers.
Batches and Groceries

We have:

  • Selling and leasing of urbanized batches from 1.490 m2
  • Selling and leasing of groceries from 1.120 m2.
  • Networks and public services.
  • Electric underground network available to deal with 13.200 watts ensuring its stability and its security offering the energy service.
  • Led illumination.
  • Electric substation.
  • Internet and voice connection by fiber.
  • Protected for fire emergencies.
  • Clean water treatment plant.
  • Dirty water treatment plant.
  • Natural gas network.


  • Private monitoring service with closed television signal 7x24x365.
  • Closed area.
  • Visitors control to carry, workers and other type of users connected to the security system.

Road ways, parkways, and entrance.

  • Independent access to cargo vehicles, cars and pedestrians.
  • Driveways to heavy traffic of 17 meters.
  • External parkways for cargo vehicles (pre access process)
  • 1 parkway for visitors each 75 m2 of office and one more for each 500m2 of grocery.
  • Parking area to visitors and workers.
  • Large green areas and reforestation with native species.
  • Internal transport around the zone.

Other services

  • DIAN offices inside the free economic zone.
  • Administrative building.
  • Inspection merchandise areas.
  • Business center designed for offices.
  • Stores, Banks, restaurants, pharmacies, paper stores and many others.
  • Stock management through PicizWeb software (Integral software of informatics control of free economic zones)


Claudia Penagos Barajas
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+57 310 412 50 61





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