These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Textiles and Apparel Manufacturing sectors, we invite you to know in detail these and more reasons to do of Colombia the destination chosen for your projects.

Investment Specialist: Carolina Hoyos

Carolina Hoyos

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Cases of Success

  • Kaltex (Mexico): This Mexican Textile Company purchased over 55% of the Colombian company Coltejer S.A.
  • Parkdale Mills (U.S.): This American company is a strategic partner of Colombiana de Hilados in spinning mills, storage, and country-wide distribution.
  • Coats (U.K.): This British company started operating in Colombia in 1954. Currently, it produces a full thread line for the apparel manufacturing and leather industries (footwear and related products), as well as thread for handcrafts and sewing and embroidering.
  • Dupont (U.S.): This American company operates in Colombia since 1963, when its first plant opened in Barranquilla. Today, it has plants and offices in Bogotá, Cartagena, and Barranquilla.

Investment Opportunities


  • Initiatives and incentives from the national government to foster R&D&I in the sector.
  • Public and private entities committed to innovation in the textile and apparel sector.
  • Human and natural resources for project developments.


  • Over 100 years' experience and tradition in the sector.
  • Available trained labor for the sector.
  • Growing domestic demand in the textile sector.
  • Government training programs for operators, technicians, and technologists, among others.
  • Support from public and private entities.
  • Platform for exports.
  • Legal stability and incentives for jobs creation.


  • Excellent geographical location to supply the Americas.
  • Air and marine infrastructure.
  • Incentives for production (ZF and jobs creation).
  • Preferential access to over 1,500 consumers due to FTAs.

These are the main regions with investment opportunities in the Textile and Apparel sectors:

Sector Description

Colombia's textile and apparel manufacturing industries have over 100 years' experience and a consolidated and tenured production chain. This sector accounts for 8% of the manufacturing GDP and 3% of the national GDP, constituting over 5% of the country's total exports, making it the most significant sector for non-traditional exports.

Textile and apparel production in Colombia has increased in the last few years. Between 2003 and 2010, production experienced an average annual growth of 8% and a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3%. In 2010, the textile industry grew by 7% driven specifically by domestic demand. For 2011 the sector's growth is estimated to close at 13%, 9% for textiles and 4.1% for apparel manufacturing.

The approval of the Free Trade Agreement with the US represents a business opportunity for the sector that will result in its further growth and potential development along the production chain.

Colombia is witnessing a growing trend in imports of textile products and cotton fibers to supply the domestic demand of Colombian apparel manufacturers, which is proof of the opportunity to invest here in the production of these fibers. Between 2009 and 2010, imports grew over 30% and, after the first half of 2011; a 75% growth was recorded over the same period in 2010.

The main destinations for Colombian textile exports are Ecuador, Venezuela (decreasing), and Peru.

With the FTA celebrated with the US, investments are expected to grow in 2012 originating from the US, Brazil, and China among other countries.

The main hubs with the highest textile production levels are Cundinamarca with around 47% of domestic production, and Antioquia with just over 41%.


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