Latin America represents 13.2% of the world market of cosmetics and toiletries and will grow at an annual average of 3.6% to 2021, surpassing the estimated growth of this sector worldwide (2.6%).

  • Colombia is the third largest market in cosmetics and personal care products in South America after Brazil and Argentina.
  • Local consumption of cosmetics in Colombia reached USD 3.144 million in 2017. This figure exceeds that of countries like Peru (USD 2.242 million) and Ecuador (USD 1.272).
  • Availability of skilled labor for research and production, with more than 140,000 professionals and technicians available for the cosmetics and toiletries sector.
  • From Colombia you can access market of nearly 800 million consumers with an average per capita consumption of more than USD 150 per year.
  • Diversity in natural wealth: Colombia is part of the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world, positioning itself as a global power production of natural ingredients for the cosmetics industry.


These are some of the reasons for investing in the Cosmetics and Toiletries sector. We invite you to find out in detail more reasons to consider investment projects in Colombia.

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