Pro-Motion, an international cooperation project by UNIDO, the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and ProColombia has developed the Investors' Guide to the Colombian Automotive Industry.

This Guide seeks to summarize relevant information regarding the various subjects that could be of interest to foreign investors, with the additional goal of promoting and enabling development for businesses in the automotive industry, given the fact that no established document that gathers information on incentives and benefits programs as well as a comprehensive list on investment opportunities for said industry currently exists.

The Investors' Guide to the Colombian Automotive Industry offers insightful information relevant for all greenfield and brownfield investors with Colombia in their sights as a potential investment destination in the region and who wish to find out more about the advantages the country could offer, thus providing them with enough reasons to decide on Colombia as the ideal country to place their investment.

This Guide offers information relating to:

  • General data about Colombia and its automotive sector relevant to all investors.
  • Data on both the Colombian automotive sector and market's industrial capabilities.
  • Benefits for all investors as well as info on recommended tax and manufacturing regimes, both in general and specific to the sector. It includes additional information on tax regime coexistences.
  • Brownfield investment opportunities.
  • Automotive or auto-parts transport logistics.

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