Opportunities of Investment in Pacific for the automotive industry

pacifico ensambleautopartes


  • Opportunities of assemble of Buses, Trucks and light Vehicles


  • Opportunities in the manufacture of parts for the segments of the interior Trim of vehicles and electrical components


  • Connectivity to the Asian market
    • Port of Buenaventura: principal port on the Pacific Ocean. (It moves more than 28 % of the trade of the country) Movement of Load 2010: 9.604.026 tons. 990 maritime frequencies
    • TCBuen: Terminal of containers from B/tura, operating since 2010
  • Competitive regime of incentives
    • Warehouses Enabled for Transformation or Assemble of autorails and autoparts (DHTE):0 % of duty for the import to any of the Andean countries of the produced or assembled vehicles, as well as of the autoparts and materials produced in the mentioned warehouses
    • Duty-free zones: Palma seca y Parque Sur
    • Development of the human capital: Managerial Development Program for the Competitiveness and Innovation in the sector of Autoparts: ACOLFA-SENA-EAN
    • Development of mass transit systems: Cali - Transcali
    • Presence of international assembly: Daewoo Bus
    • Recognized autopart companies of world height: MAC and Goodyear.
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