Because PROCOLOMBIA's mission to promote exports, attracting foreign investment and international tourism must be adequate to benefit from the current global trends and business opportunities.

Our country has competitive advantages in terms of biodiversity and natural resources, which position us as a "green power" in the world. Additionally, incorporating sustainability criteria in business management should be an ethical commitment to future generations, taking into account that this can become a future source of wealth.

PROCOLOMBIA is flexible and receptive to environmental issues, therefore PROCOLOMBIA could become a leading organization in environmental issues:

  • Promote de vision “BIODIVERSE Colombia”. A country with unique ecosystems and cultures.
  • Be the focus of collecting and disseminating information on trends and environmental markets.
  • Having a long-term perspective could lead the country to discuss state policies on sustainability issues.
  • Promote entrepreneurship in environmental management and green markets.
  • Build green production chains and encourage SMEs in sustainability issues.
Sustainable Office Sustainable Investments
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The Sustainable Office Programme aims to create institutional and individual culture to improve our relationship with the environment.

The Sustainable Investment Program aims to promote investments and projects that have a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable Exports Sustainable Tourism
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The Sustainable Export Program aims to promote Colombian products that commit with the environment.

The Sustainable Tourism Program aims to promote ecotourism and Colombia's biodiverse touristic destinations your social media marketing partner

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