CIS 2018 The best place for investment options



Colombia Investment Summit 2018: The best place for investment options

This event, created by ProColombia and Colombia's Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, will highlight the positive phase Colombia is currently experiencing, which is why the country is increasingly considered an attractive investment destination.

ProColombia president Flavia Santoro said: "We facilitated investment in 88 business projects, which is worth more than US $3.8bn, in the first half of 2018. That represents 91% of the goal for the entire year and is expected to generate 33,000 new jobs in the medium term."

The Colombia Investment Summit 2018 is expected to lead to more than 800 business meetings. More than 300 investors from various countries will support the event and participate in both the business conferences as well as the academic agenda that forms part of the event. Businesses represented will include Globant, Amazon and Discovery Networks, alongside more than 150 Colombian companies and projects.

Investors participating in the event will have the chance to view projects from diverse areas of the Colombian economy and network with Colombian companies interested in allying with foreign companies, as well as regional promotional agencies and government entities.

Investment opportunities

Colombia is considered an ideal regional hub for companies worldwide thanks to the availability, cost and high qualification level of its workforce, as well as a favorable business environment that offers access to more than 1.6bn global consumers through commercial agreements.

Some productive sectors offering the greatest opportunities for investment include the agro-industry, tourism, metal mechanics, IT services, cosmetics, chemicals, renewable energies and the cultural activities and creative industries that constitute the 'orange economy'.

Events such as the Colombia Investment Summit 2018 boost economic development and are part of Colombia's aim to diversify investment in non-traditional sectors of its economy. your social media marketing partner

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More Investment News in Colombia...

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