"We must believe colombian talent" David Luna mwc17


David Luna

Together with representatives of the spanish government, participating entrepreneurs and the general public, Luna demonstrated his satisfaction of having taken the 26 entrepreneurs to MWC17; spoke of the importance of the colombian presence in this world-class event and invited colombians to trust the products of the technological market that are manufactured in the interior of the country.

"We are in the most important congress that this industry has and for the third consecutive year we invite, as a result of a competition, Colombian companies to come to present, exchange and sell their products. But the most important thing is that we are believing the story, because we are an industry that is generating one hundred thousand jobs, which sells eight billion pesos a year and has some wonderful entrepreneurs that are nowadays recognized. We must believe in Colombian talent", said Luna.

According to the minister, the participation of the 26 companies is part of a four-year program that has meant a significant economic investment by the government. "This has been an investment in getting entrepreneurs to show and sell their products. All show that there is talent and ability, because here we are not only exposing our fruits, juices and flowers, but also demonstrate that the colombian venture has a lot of future", explained Luna. To this he added that in the last year the colombian entrepreneurs have managed to do business superiors to 112 billion pesos.

However, he stressed that for this kind of thing to happen again it is important to think about the projects and products from the local and then to project them abroad. This will depend on the Colombians appropriating technology, which is seen as a development accelerator:"We need people to take advantage of the technology, because, for example, in places where there are 'Computadores para Educar', dropout has decreased in 5% and 'Pruebas SABER' increased by 10%. Of course, technology will never replace teacher and teachings of principles and values, but it does help to optimize processes".

Finally, based on the work carried out by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC) in Colombia, "we have made a huge effort to bring broadband to all municipalities, and now we are working on the allocation of spectrum that will allow us to reach other territories".


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