Canada will increase investment in ICTs, agriculture, and innovation in Colombia



The Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, highlighted Colombia’s investment potential in agriculture, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), and innovation.

During his visit to Medellin, he mentioned the need to increase investments, which to date have reached a total sum of US$8.628 billion between 1994 and 2014, given the conditions and advantages that the country offers today, standing out as one of the major emerging countries in the region.

Johnston underscored that in addition to the areas in which Canada currently invests, such as the mining-energy business, finance, agriculture, and infrastructure, there is also an opportunity for entrepreneurship and innovation, given Colombia’s potential and initiatives and its policies in this matter.

“We see an opportunity in the ICT business, as well as in software development and digital animation, given the talent that exists in Colombia in these areas. Without a doubt, the country has made great progress in innovative programs,” said the Governor.

“We also see an opportunity in exporting services, from investments in contact centers in Colombia, thanks to the workforce’s quality,” he said.

According to PROCOLOMBIA, in the last four years, thanks to the promotion office’s management, 24 projects were started in agribusiness, BPO services, software development, private equity funds, instruments and devices, and the automotive sector, which according to the employers will generate 2,000 new jobs. your social media marketing partner

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More Investment News in Colombia...

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