Invest In Colombia Magazine Article on Cocoa Production and Hotel Investment Opportunities to Support the Industry


Bogota, August 12 (Pxp). The third edition of Invest In Colombia, a magazine by PROCOLOMBIA aimed at international investors, is now available for download from the iOS and Google Play (Android) stores.

In this issue readers will find 14 articles discussing a number of topics that address investment opportunities in Colombia, including the cocoa industry, the potential and development of the hotel sector, the advantages of Bucaramanga to venture in new businesses, the start of operations by Hero MotoCorp, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and the investment by Unilever in a modern detergent plant in Palmira to serve the Andean region markets, among others.

“This magazine shows international investors the foreign investment opportunities available in Colombia in order to strengthen the domestic industry and leverage the trade agreements in place,” stated Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of PROCOLOMBIA Colombia.
The first article presents a sector-specific report entitled: “Colombia Bets on Cocoa”, which highlights the country’s opportunities to show the competitive advantage derived from this sought-after product, with an estimated deficit in production of 156,000 tons by 2014, which would be overcome to a large extent through Colombian production.

On the other hand, the article “Sí hay cama pa’ tanta gente” (There is Room for All These People) elaborates on the historical crossroads where the Colombian hotel industry is now. As never before, hotel investments in Colombia are at their peak. Besides large capitals, middle-sized cities also take advantage of the new shops by some of the most renowned international chains.

The Colombia highlights section includes an article about Bucaramanga, identifying the capital of Santander as a safe investment destination. Thanks to its economic potential, human talent, infrastructure, and business opportunities, the so-called city of parks is considered one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in Colombia.

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