Corona y Lanco open a new plant in Colombia

Corona y Lanco open a new plant in ColombiaThe products in the plant that Materiales & Pinturas Corona manufactures are primarily paints; sealants; silicones and adhesives; and caulk for lightweight systems among others. They bear the stamp of quality and innovation of Corona to meet and exceed the expectation of their consumers and to take care of their health and protect the environment.

" Thanks to the partnership between the two companies, we have been able to combine Lanco’s expertise and the extensive portfolio of their products along with the Colombian consumer knowledge and the tradition of innovation we expect from Corona" said Pablo Barrera, Manager of Materiales & Pinturas Corona. "The plant will allow us to create innovative new products fulfilling the commitment we have for the environment and its surroundings".

Given Corona’s commitment to sustainability, the design of the plant stands out because of its efficient use of energy and natural resources, in addition to ensuring zero emissions and no water discharges or waste. Additionally, the company has always been in constant contact with the communities surrounding the plant and has made them part of the process which helped to streamline and minimize the impact on the environment.

The plant covers an area of 43,055 square feet and 64,583 square feet in service areas, it has a large production capacity, it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and processes that further strengthen the development of innovative products generating 100 new jobs.

The new plant is an additional support for the work that has been done with the foremen, where in addition to giving them the best quality products to protect their health, we have given them education and training programs that include new product launches. Also we are providing them with technical assistance and assurance to the more than 25,000 teachers who today already have Corona in their Turnkey program.

Lanco, one of the leading manufacturers in Puerto Rico, began three years ago an exhaustive search to do a Joint Venture in order to penetrate the South American market. PROCOLOMBIA helped materialize the opportunities to consider Colombia as an investment destination.

" When I arrived in Colombia I realized it was a country full of potential, it changed my perception because the country is doing going well, the workers have exceptional ethics and we found the ideal partner. Our goal is to supply to the rest of South America right from the plant in Rio Negro (Antioquia) with this first project" said Sergio Blanco, President of Lanco in Puerto Rico .

Lanco is part of a group of 108 foreign investment projects which PROCOLOMBIA has supported and advised between 2012 and 2013. According to the companies, they would generate 32,907 jobs in more than 15 departments with an estimated investment of approximately U.S. $ 3.780 billion. your social media marketing partner

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More Investment News in Colombia...

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