Furukawa to build a production plant in Colombia

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The Japanese transnational Furukawa will build a fiber optic cable manufacturing plant in Palmira, Valle del Cauca in order to strengthen and expand their operations in the Andes corridor and Central America. This plant will not only supply the domestic market, but also reach countries along the American Pacific Rim, leveraging the free trade agreements entered into by Colombia.

"Our goal is to widen the company's global reach, providing complete solutions in telecommunications infrastructure and IT, fulfilling the needs of each country, addressing each market’s need and guide the client from the very planning of the public works, and advising them from the start regarding the cabling type and construction needs," stated Foad Shaikhzadeh, President of Furukawa Latin America.

“The Pacific Alliance is one of the most appealing opportunities for Brazilian investors, who can spot competitive advantages to establish their companies in Colombia in order to reach the Chile and Peru markets. They are also interested in leveraging the country as an export platform towards the United States and other countries with whom Colombia has standing trade agreements”, added Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport.

Finally, Maria Eugenia Lloreda, Executive Director at Invest Pacific, stated that "the arrival of such a high-tech company like Furukawa will improve competitiveness in our region and will drive career growth opportunities, as it will require qualified telecommunications and IT professionals, who will then be trained according to international quality standards."

About Furukawa

The Furukawa Group, founded in 1884 in Japan and led by Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., operates in the areas of Telecommunications, Electronics, Automotive Systems, Energy, Metals, and Services. With 129 years of history operating in major world markets, they have attained a wide array of activities and perform in the most varied sectors. Furukawa has an international network of industries in countries throughout Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Furukawa started operations in Brazil with an electrical cable unit in 1974. Then, it opened one of the most modern telecommunications cable plants in Curitiba in 1977. In 2001, Optical Fiber Solutions (OFS), a company from the Lucent Technologies Group, was acquired by Furukawa Group, OFS - A Furukawa Company. This buyout resulted in one of the largest global fiber optics suppliers. Now, the company develops the main existing patents in the telecommunications market today.

About Fiber Optic Cables

As fiber optic cables are lighter, they can adapt to different geographical conditions. This allows an easy installation on top of power grids, along roadways and gas pipes, among others. Another advantage of fiber optic cables is their immunity to noise and electromagnetic interference.


PROCOLOMBIA is the government entity in charge of attracting foreign direct investment, supporting non-mining and non-energy exports, and promoting the country as an international tourism destination.

It offers entrepreneurs comprehensive support and expert advice through its domestic and international branch offices in more than 30 countries worldwide, providing services and means aimed at facilitating the design and implementation of their internationalization strategy in order to create, develop and consolidate business opportunities.

About Invest Pacific

Invest Pacific is a public-private, non-profit organization aiming to attract foreign direct investment into Valle del Cauca, seeking to create jobs and sustainable development in the department. It also leads the Foreign Investment Committee, which follows up on the needs of the more than 70 established multinationals, supporting their reinvestment projects under development. your social media marketing partner

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