International Entrepreneurs Highlight the Professionalism of Contact Centers in the Colombian Industry

International Entrepreneurs Highlight the Professionalism of Contact Centers in the Colombian Industry

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"Colombia has already gained worldwide reputation in services outsourcing, especially around the implementation of call centers and data centers, making it a strong and competitive market for foreign investment in the sector", assured Henry Morris, Vice President of Investigation and Services from the company IDC.

Bogota. A promising industry with talented professionals, in a country that gradually gains stability in all aspects. This is how the international entrepreneurs invited to the Andean Contact Center and CRM Congress described the Colombian BPO sector.

"People are highly professional, are well trained and demonstrate attitude towards work and commitment", indicated Enrique Benayas, Academic Director of ICEMD, Escuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing, one of the most renowned in Spain.

The event, organized by the Colombian Contact Center and BPO Association, with the support of PROCOLOMBIA, included the participation of service provision companies and technology providers for BPO development from Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Colombia.

The guests included Benayas who, during the presentation, urged Colombians to give service quality the priority it deserves above all other aspects. "Price should not be the focus of competition but quality, because you have it. Keep on working to add value and gain your way to the global market without any regret".

Another guest speaker from the US, Frank Shaffer, British Telecom Global Service Chief, highlighted the importance of the political and economic stability of Colombia. "It is precisely what makes the difference worldwide, when people make a global decision to invest large amounts of money in a business. This is already the case here."

This is why his company decided to open its business in Colombia to begin operations by July of this year. "We've already invested more than one million USD in a data center with voice services. This will allow call centers having access to our global network of 172 countries worldwide", explained Shaffer, who also owns five US patents due to his inventions in the telecommunications arena. "I think the best bit comes for Colombia in the upcoming years" he added.

Added value services in the digital era

Becky Carroll, director of Verizon Community and Petra Consulting Group, and collaborator of NBC's Morning Show in San Diego, USA, and expert in social networks also attended.  "The industry is changing and, therefore, my message is that all things related to social media must be used, not for marketing campaigns only, but also to build relations with clients, as this is the way to grow businesses effectively".

Precisely the transformation of the industry to added value services that involves innovation and digital clients was one of the discussion topics addressed during the Conference.

Ana Karina Quessep, Executive Director of the Colombian Contact Centers and BPO Association explained that Colombian companies are currently at the forefront in all aspects related to the multiple channel approach. "Nowadays, a mobile client likes to receive his services anywhere, and it is precisely through technology and innovation that business opportunities can be best utilized".

Therefore, the Colombian industry has gradually moved away from call centers to contact centers, where additional services are rendered.

PROCOLOMBIA has identified opportunities to develop technology software services, technical integration and services, application development and modernization, Technology Infrastructure Outsourcing, support services and data center management.

Possibilities are mainly in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and throughout the Central American and Caribbean market, but the sector has been classified by the Colombian Government as a world-class player and, therefore, we expect to achieve a better positioning on international markets, especially the North American and European ones. your social media marketing partner

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