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Benefits of the dollar-peso currency exchange

Dollar Peso

A strong US dollar against the Colombian peso brings advantages for investors in Colombia. Find out here how to take advantage of the dollar-peso currency exchange and make the most of your investment in Colombia.


Four reasons why French companies should invest in Colombia

France Colombia Year

The France-Colombia Year offers the best opportunity for French companies to invest in Colombia. Here we examine the best businesses to start, the best opportunities for foreign direct investment and four reasons why now is the ideal time to invest.


Neuvoo: A successful case of investing in Colombia

Neuvoo 146X110 ING

Neuvoo, a Canadian multinational in the Information Technology (IT) sector, discovered that Medellín was the ideal destination for investing in Colombia and opened its global support center there.

Now in Ruta N, a business and innovation center in Medellín and a complex dedicated to the intensive pursuit of science, technology and innovation, the heart of the Canadian company's information creation and maintenance sector has joined other companies that have chosen the country thanks to the advantages of investing in Colombia.


Mexico: A country that make investments in Colombia

MEXICO SECOND INVESTRO IN COLOMBIAWere you aware that the second biggest country in the region when it comes to making investments in Colombia is Mexico? Relations between the two countries are growing steadily and there are already around 55 Mexican companies operating directly in Colombia. Whether you are Mexican and you wish to make investments in Colombia, or you are a local entrepreneur and wish to make an international alliance, PROCOLOMBIA can help.


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