Special Social Economic Zones


The National Government in its development plan, created a special tax regime "Special Social Economic Zones" (ZESES by its Spanish acronym) with the purpose of attracting national and foreign investment, generating employment and consequently improving the quality of life of these regions.  This regime was regulated by Decree 2112 of 2019 and applies to commercial agricultural and industrial sectors. 

Companies created after May 24th, 2019 until May 24th, 2022, may apply to this regime and will have a 0% income tax rate for the first five years, from taxable year of 2020, and 50% of the general income tax rate for the following five years.

This regime seeks to improve the productivity in regions that have a critical situation in terms of employment and generate opportunities for labor insertion in Norte de Santander, La Guajira and Arauca and in capital cities with more than 14% of unemployment rate during the last five years (Armenia, Quibdó, Riohacha and Cúcuta)


Create direct employment and maintain it during the period of validity of the tax Benefit.

The advantage of this regime is that companies do not have to ask for authorization or classification to be in the ZESE regime. Companies only need to be incorporated in the regions and the following taxable year; they must submit the documents to the Tax Authority (DIAN) where they prove that they fulfilled the requirement.

This regime does not apply to companies that move their place of business to these regions. The regime applies to new companies that are incorporated or that already have their place of business in these regions and meet the employment requirement.

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