Investment Incentives in Colombia


The World Bank ranked Colombia as most business-friendly country in Latin America in its 2015 "Doing Business Report".

Free Trade Zone Regime

Colombia has a competitive Free Trade Zone regime which grants the following benefits for projects for the production of goods or the provision of services:

  • Single 20% income tax rate*.
  • No customs taxes (VAT and CUSTOMS DUTIES) are triggered when raw materials are introduced to the Free Trade Zone from abroad.
  • Exports made from Free Trade Zones to foreign countries, may apply the benefits of international trade agreements signed by Colombia.
  • Possibility of partial processing outside the Free Trade Zone for up to 9 months. This processing may not exceed 40% of the cost of the total production of goods or services.
  • Possibility of selling to the national territory the goods or services without restrictions or quotas, paying the applicable custom duties on the imported goods.


There are two types of Free Trade Zones, both of which enjoy the same benefits:

  • Special Social Economic Zones

    The National Government in its development plan, created a special tax regime "Special Social Economic Zones" (ZESES by its Spanish acronym) with the purpose of attracting national and foreign investment, generating employment and consequently improving the quality of life of these regions.

    Special Social Economic Zones
  • Special Economic Zones for Exports (ZEEE)

    ZEEE are geographical areas in the cities of Cúcuta, Buenaventura, Valledupar, Ipiales and Tumaco, which have special legal conditions in order to encourage investment and strengthen national export processes through incentives that facilitate the export of goods and services produced in national territory.

    Special Economic Zones for Exports
  • Other Incentives

    The Colombian government offers investment incentives such as income tax exemptions and deductions in specific priority sectors.

    Other Incentives

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