A visa is the authorization granted to a foreign national by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by conduit of Colombian Consulates abroad, to enter and remain in Colombia.
The Special Administrative Unit Migration Colombia, an entity of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for migratory control and supervision.
There are three categories of visas. It is important to note that citizens of the countries listed below do not need a visitor’s visa for short trips to Colombia with the following purposes, inter alia: for making commercial contacts, for urgent technical services, or for tourism:

The different types of visas in Colombia are the following:

  • Visitor visa or “V” type visa, granted for up to 2 years considering the activity, with a validity that can be proposed by the foreigner in Colombia.
  • Migrant visa or “M” type visa, which will depend on the duration of the contract or studies period. The validity is granted for 3 years or less depending on each case.

Residence visa or “R” type visa, with indefinite validity. With a 5 years validity period, replacing the label of the visa at the end of the period.

The list of countries that do not require a visa are:

Albany Georgia Papua New Guinea
Andorra Germany Paraguay
Antigua and Barbuda Greece Peru
Argentina Grenada Philippines
Australia Guatemala Poland
Austria Guyana Portugal
Azerbaijan Holy See Qatar
Bahamas Honduras Republic of Korea
Barbados Hungary Romania
Belgium Iceland Russian Federation
Belize Indonesia Saint Kitts and Nevis
Bhutan Ireland Saint Lucia
Bolivia Israel Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Italy Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Brazil Jamaica Solomon Islands
Brunei Darussalam Japan Samoa
Bulgaria Kazakhstan San Marino
Canada Latvia Singapore
Chile Liechtenstein Slovakia
Costa Rica Lithuania Slovenia
Croatia Luxembourg Spain
Cyprus  Malta Suriname
Czech Republic Marshall Islands Sweden
Denmark Mexico Switzerland
Dominica Micronesia Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic Moldova Turkey
Ecuador Monaco United Arab Emirates
El Salvador Montenegro United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
Estonia Netherlands United States of America
Fiji New Zealand Uruguay
Finland Norway Venezuela
Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia Palau  
France Panama  

For further information related to Immigration regime please check or chapter 6th of the Legal Guide to doing Business in Colombia available on:

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