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Bucaramanga is characterized for being a commercial city, especially in the sectors of footwear, confection, as well as in the presentation of the services of health, financiers and education. With a population of 522 thousand inhabitants and with scarcely 11 % of the population with Basic Unsatisfied needs, Bucaramanga is consolidated as a metropolis of the Andes with an increasing number of technological investigation centers in diverse topics, among those that stand out the energy, the gas, the oil, the corrosion, the asphalts, the leather and the tools of agri industrial development, between others

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Colombia Economy: Report and Indicators

Economy of Colombia: Indicators and Report

The Colombian Economy has been growing at high rates during the last decade, due to the confidence and business opportunities that the investors have found in this emerging market. Nowadays, foreign investors see Colombia as an emerging destination for secure investment.

This section provides statistics on the Colombian Economy and a complete analysis of the current situation of Foreign Direct Investment in Colombia. 

Economy: complete report 




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