Opportunities in Caribbean Region for the sector of Petroleum Services

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Exploration, Production, Refining, Transport and Storage (Midstream)

  • Great demand of B&S Oil tankers after the dynamics that turns around the Refinery of Cartagena and in minor measure in the petroleum production.
  • The refinery has an increase projected in its capacity of processing crude oil of 165 thousand BDP.
  • The sector of Petroleum Services have an important expectation of growth, because since Cartagena it is possible to replace the services for the region in sectors of Exploration and Refining (Maintenance).



  • Strength in the production of goods metal - mechanic of great dynamics for the petroleum industry (Pipeline and Tools)
  • Barranquilla is the biggest fourth city of the country, strategically positioned as hub of regional distribution of goods.
  • Also it is one of 10 cities of Latin America with major economic growth.
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