Colombia: An Ideal Export Platform

This section provides information about Ideal Export Platform:

  • In the year 2010, Free Trade Agreements will allow Colombia greater access to preferential markets of more than 1.5 billion consumers.
  • Colombia’s 2010 Free Trade Agreements (FTA) includes 12 agreements with 48 countries, 19 Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) with 22 countries and 22 International Investment Agreements (IIA) with 48 countries.
  • Bogota is only 3:40 hours from Miami, 4:25 hours from Mexico City, 5:15 hours from Houston, 6 hours from New York, 8:30 hours from Los Angeles and 10:20 hours from Madrid.
  • The cost of marine transport is approximately 30% less than that of direct competitors.

If interested in obtaining greater data about the Ideal Export Platform, we invite you to download additional information.

More information about logistics in Colombia: Commercial Information System

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Proexport Colombia  is the bureau in charge of tourism, foreign investment and export promotion in Colombia.

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