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Shared Servies Center in Colombia


Benefits from setting up a Shared Services Center in Colombia:

  • Cost reduction through a single expert management team.
  • Process-driven approach: relieving operating loads from the core business, thus allowing strategic teams to focus on key business activities.
  • Management process standardization and simplification.
  • Unique control environment: company information control and centralization at the regional level.
  • Quality assurance, streamlined services, and continuous improvement.
  • More efficient strategic support to help the company.

Key Drivers in the Colombian Industry – Wide array of qualified human capital, strategic geographical location, and infrastructure to run Shared Services Centers:

  • Between 2001-2014, the number of students graduating with Business Administration, Accounting, and Economy-related degrees was approximately 962,761, and the number of engineers was approximately 635,965. (Ministry of Education, 2015)
  • According to the IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook 2015, Colombia is the South American economy with the best-qualified work force, way ahead of countries like Peru and Brazil. Within South America and Central America, Colombia is ranked second place.
  • In terms of language, Colombia has the second largest population among Spanish-speaking countries around the world, making it ideal to serve the Latin American market. In addition, the Colombian accent is one of the most neutral sounding, which is perfect for voice servicing. (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2014)
  • A data infrastructure capable of supporting world-class operations.
  • As of 2015, Colombia has: 1,082 direct international flights per week, 5,984 domestic flights per week, it is located less than 6 hours from the main capital cities in Latin America, and there are 24 different airlines operating in Colombia. (OAG, December 2015)
  • Colombia was included in the “Top 30 Countries for Offshore Services” report. The report features the advantages of the country’s location to run call center operations and transactional BPO activities, as well as the government’s proactive support towards the IT sector and competitive costs. (Gartner, 2015)

The above are some of the reasons why you should invest in Shared Services Centers in Colombia. Take a close look at these and other investment advantages to choose Colombia for your next project.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Infomation technologies
  • Data analysis
  • Strategy
  • Projects


  • Bogotá
  • Atlántico
  • Antioquia
  • Valle del Cauca
  • Santander

Success Stories

  • Diageo: “We went and looked at other locations in the region and Colombia was the preferred choice for many reasons. We had a very stable business and institutional environment , then we analyzed other factors such as people, we think that the talent in the region is outstanding, Colombia has got very well educated people, with bilingual skills, trained in different aspects. The skill set of Colombians was what we were looking for. People in Colombia is very positive and optimistic, embrace change which is critical for our industry and have got a very well customer service skill which is also something we were looking for”. Gonzalo Arias, CEO - SSC Diageo Colombia
  • Holcim: “Colombia was selected by Holcim for the human quality, the excellent qualifications of its people, their attitude of work, service vocation and commitment. A service center takes the human resources as a fundamental raw material, and in Colombia we found the human resources necessary to provide quality services to eight countries in Latin America”. Alejandro Carballido, CEO Shared Service - Holcrest.

The above success stories were supported by ProColombia.

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María Paula Gómez


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