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Cosmetics and Toiletries Investment in Colombia

Over the past twelve years Cosmetics and Toiletries exports in Colombia grew at a compound average growth rate of 18.6% per year (Cosmetics and Toiletries Chamber, ANDI). The possibilities for this trend to continue are high due to the Free trade agreements in force with Chile, Mexico, The Andean Community, Mercosur, Canada, United States and the European Union.


Colombia is the fifth largest market for cosmetics and toiletries in Latin America. Sales grew at a rate of 7% between 2000 and 2015, sales are expected to grow yearly by an average of 4% by 2019 compared to 2015. Euromonitor International, 2015.

Per capita consumption of cosmetics reached US $79.8. This figure exceeds that of countries like Peru (US $ 74.9) and represents about a third of the consumption of countries like United States and France

  • Increasing participation of women in the labor market. 59% of the labor market is composed by of women. And it is the second largest female labor market in the region. Fedesarrollo, 2015.
  • In Colombia the number of female managers exceeds that of Latin American countries and some developed countries like Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and France.
  • Consumption by men and adolescents is growing. It is expected that by 2016, the male market will represent 22% of cosmetics sales. Euromonitor International, 2015.
  • Availability of skilled labor to undertake research and production activities with more than 140,000 professionals and technical graduates linked to the sector of cosmetics and toiletries. Employment Observatory, 2014.
  • More than 300 companies dedicated to the packaging of cosmetics. BPR Benchmark, 2014.
  • Colombia is one of the 17 mega-diverse countries in the world and has the highest biodiversity per square kilometer, positioning itself as a global power in biodiversity and natural resources. It houses about 10% of the planet's biodiversity and 7% of the Amazon rainforest despite representing 0.7% of the global land area.
  • Appropriate legislation for the implementation of research and development projects in the sector. Protection of industrial property granting exclusive rights for 20-years to patent holders. SIC , 2012 .
  • In the past four years exports have shown a positive dynamic having recorded an average annual growth of 6.9%. Colombian exports of cosmetics represent 10.5% of total Latin American exports.


These are some of the reasons for investing in the Cosmetics and Toiletries sector. We invite you to find out in detail more reasons to consider investment projects in Colombia.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Construct production centers for supplying the growing domestic market. It is estimated that by 2018 Colombia will establish itself within the 5 countries with the most significant regional market share, overtaking countries like Chile and Peru, and with a market that will grow at an average annual rate of 7.4%.
  • Establish research centers for the development of natural ingredients, taking advantage of tax incentives established by the National Government for innovative research and development projects and Colombia's biological diversity and extensive range of flora.


  • Establish logistics centers for supplying the growing Latin American market, which by 2015 is estimated to represent 17.5% of the global market for cosmetics and toiletries.


We invite you to learn about the main regions that offer investment opportunities for the cosmetics and toiletries sector:

Success Stories

  • Kimberly Clark , United States : It opened its third global innovation center in Medellin.
  • Yanbal , Peru: Invested in the improvement of its production plant in Colombia, with the purpose of starting a new portfolio for men's products.
  • Procter & Gamble , United States: opened an operations center in Rionegro.
  • Unilever, United Kingdom: invested in one of the company’s largest detergent powder production plant.
  • Belcorp , Peru: has invested in an R&D center and in a production facility in Tocancipá, from which it supplies Andean market.


These are only some of the reasons to invest in the Cosmetic and toiletries industry, we invite you to learn in detail about these and more reasons to make Colombia the destination for your projects.

Investment Specialist: Carlos Vega


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