Investment in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a key element used as an all-inclusive mechanism to develop different sectors of the Colombian economy.

By 2032, Colombia seeks to be recognized as a leader in the development, production and export of high value-added products resulting from the sustainable use of biodiversity.

Therefore, the Government has designed a policy to foster the right economic, technical, institutional and legal conditions that will attract public and private resources for the development of companies and sustainable products which also use biotechnology-base applications.

  • Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. It concentrates 10% of the known life form in only 0.7% of the planet's surface . Earth Trends.
  • Its location in the tropics and the diversity of the country’s climatic zones - with elevations above sea level ranging between 42 ° F and 75 ° F - favor the existence of a large number of ecosystems (natural forests, savannahs , drylands, wetlands, snow peaks, among others).
  • Colombia has the largest number of bird species, amphibians and orchids in the world. It ranks second place in terms of plants, butterflies and freshwater fish; third in reptiles and palms; and fourth in mammals. SIB, Biodiversity Information System in Colombia.
  • It is the second most diverse country in terms of flowers with more than 50,000 known plant species, of which 36% are native.


These are just a few of the many reasons to invest in biotechnology; we invite you to learn in detail about these and other opportunities that make Colombia the ideal project destination.

Download here:

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There are investment opportunities in areas such as:

  • Red biotechnology: Development of therapeutic application products, animal health and diagnostics.
  • Green biotechnology: Brand new agricultural products made from biological resources.
  • White Biotechnology: Enzymes for industrial use, cosmetics and chemicals.

Additionally, the country has incentives and tools to leverage R&D 

  • Income Tax deduction equivalent to 175% of the amount invested in R&D
  •  VAT tax relief for imported equipment for R&D centers
  • Funding of scientific, technological, or innovation projects  are non taxable income applies to centers and researchers)
  • Support to place  PhD's in companies
  • Co-financing of science, technology and innovation projects that benefit one or several companies and that are jointly executed with Colciencias - recognized development centers.* Call for applications are subject to budget availability

Learn about the principal regions that offer investment opportunities in the biotechnology sector:


These are just some of the reasons to invest in the Biotechnology sector, we invite you to learn in more detail these and more reasons why to choose Colombia as the destination for your projects.

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Soulange Córdoba

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